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In the age of Twitter and instant social media reactions, the movies that get the most praise are usually the ones that grab you in the moment, during the runtime of the film. Whether it be quippy dialogue, fast action, or a story that moves at a brisk pace, you walk out of the theater and you know that you liked that movie (this is not an insult by any means, I’m thinking of Up...

Today would normally be the day where I would write a coming soon post, announcing the movies I intend to review in a given week but I have now decided to do something a little different. Because of the new direction which the site is going, it would be hard to pin down movies to certain days since I will no longer be reviewing everything. Do not worry as this site will continue to have...

I’m a little late on this one but I couldn’t stay silent. This is a big one and I probably didn’t need to tell you that. This movie had pretty much been a mystery until the trailer was released. Anything from acclaimed director Martin Scorsese will be highly anticipated and rightfully so. This is definitely a different story. It is about two Jesuit priests (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver), in the seventeenth century, who faced violence...

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