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70th Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions

The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards have are tonight but who do we think are going to win? Check out out predictions below:

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Westworld Season 2 Official Trailer

After a few teases, we now have our first full of trailer for the new epic season of HBO’s Westworld. The world that was introduced in Season 1 came down by the end and in this season and now the hosts with newfound freedom and whatever humans are left look to pick up the pieces. This new season looks to be just as epic as the first as it expands on what we know about the hosts and the world, even showing us a glimpse of the Samurai world that was briefly hinted to in the first season. We need something once Game of Thrones ends and hopefully this one will fit the bill. Season 2 of Westworld will premiere on Sunday, April 22nd at 9pm on HBO Canada in Canada and on HBO in the United States.

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Fahrenheit 451 Official Teaser Trailer

Everyone’s probably come across Fahrenheit 451 at some point in their lives. The novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and “firemen” burn any that are found. After a film adaptation over 50 years ago, it’s about time that we get a new modern adaptation of the dystopian novel and what better place for it than HBO? This new version has quite the formidable cast with Michael B. Jordan, fresh off Black Panther, and the always solid Michael Shannon. I haven’t read the book or seen the 1966 version so this will definitely be something to look out for once it premieres on HBO sometime in May.

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Barry Official Trailer

Bill Hader in a hit man comedy from HBO is a match made in heaven. As the title suggests, Hader plays a hit man named Barry who moves from the Midwest to Los Angeles and gets caught up with acting after stumbling onto an acting class run by Henry Winkler. He liked his job as a hit man but now stuck in between two lives, Barry decides that he wants to do both. As you can see from the trailer, learning how to act will be easier said than done but it’ll definitely be fun to watch and I can’t wait to see how both these lives will all play out. Barry will premiere on Sunday, March 25th at 10:30pm on HBO.

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Silicon Valley Season 5 Official Trailer

We’re almost there, now just over a month away from the season 5 premiere of the hit comedy Silicon Valley (If you want to read our review of last season, click here). HBO released a teaser trailer a month ago but have now graced us with a full trailer. Things have changed again for the Pied Piper guys as they venture into another new venture with Richard’s new internet idea and it’s nice to see that they haven’t changed. Expect another season of hilarious ups and downs as well as some trademark Richard awkwardness. T.J. Miller’s Erlich Bachman is now gone (but not forgotten) so it will be interesting to see who will fill this role, if any, and how the dynamic will change now that he’s gone although he had been drifting away last season. Season 5 of Silicon Valley will premiere on Sunday March 25th at 10pm on HBO.

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65th Annual MPSE Golden Reel Awards Winners

The Motion Picture Sound Editors recently announced their winners for their 65th Annual Golden Reel Awards.

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Super Bowl Movie Roundup

The Superbowl isn’t just for die hard football fans as it has something for everyone. Not only is it a great football game, there are also great commercials and big time movie trailers. This year’s game may be over (congratulations Philadelphia Eagles) but let us rejoice with the many trailers and TV spots that aired this evening by watching them below.

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