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A Journey of Self-Discovery (Featuring: The McLobster)

I’ve already mentioned that I eat a lot of McDonald’s. I like to try everything so I don’t have the same thing twice. I’ve also mentioned the Great Canadian Taste Adventure. Now it’s time for the McLobster. Being that it is something new, I had to try it. So I did. Here’s what it looks like:


I’ll tell you all about it. First of all, it’s not as big as it is advertised. Notice the pattern here. The amount of “stuffing” inside leaves much to be desired as well (i.e. the maybe 1/3 of lobster coverage). The McLobster, as a whole. is a soft sausage roll containing lettuce, onions, some lobster (real or fake, I’m not quite sure), and a lemony-mayo sauce (with an emphasis on the lemon because it sometimes tasted like biting into one). Overall, it was passable but with the price I had to pay for it ($10.19 CDN for a meal, yes you heard that right), passable is just not good enough. You would think since it is so expensive, they can afford to fill it with more lobster than they did (or at least skim the lemon budget for more ingredients). In other words (lame joke alert), I will not be fishing for another one.

Now for the journey of self-discovery. I need to learn to stand up for myself. I don’t complain as much as I should. I am sometimes too nice. I could have complained about the amount of lobster in my McLobster (because that could sound pretentious without context to people who are unaware of the McLobster) but I just ate it anyway. That’s my problem, I just eat it anyway. When my food is cold, burnt, or just not good, I just eat it anyway. When I get something delivered and it shows up late, I just take it, tip the driver and not say anything.

I am making strides in that department, however. One day, I ordered pizza from Domino’s one afternoon and it came 30 mins late. I just took it, tipped the driver, and then let it go. After some peer pressure from the other people in my household, I did what a real man does and complained on their Facebook page. After doing this, I got a response which consisted of them asking me to email them more information about my experience. After a few weeks of waiting and occasional prodding, I got a free pizza. I will admit that I haven’t gotten it yet but the idea that I have a pizza whenever I need it is warm and comforting (like a blanket made of a dough-like substance with a tomato-based sauce and a dairy-based cheese product).

Another example of my stick–to–itiveness was when I was trying to have my Lenovo laptop fixed. My original warranty lapsed so I decided to get a new one. The nice online chat person (who shall remain nameless) got me one knowing how long it had lapsed before I asked to purchase one. (Gender omitted) told me that I had to wait a few months before I could make a claim on it. Being the good little boy that I am, I waited patiently. Once those grueling months passed, I made a claim. The call center employee told me that the warranty I purchased was invalid since it should had been purchased as soon as the original warranty lapsed (funny that the person who shall remain nameless did not think this was an issue because they did not mention this to me when they sold it to me) and offered me a refund for it. I then accepted defeat. Little did I know, there is a little company called the Better Business Bureau. So I filed a complaint against them (like a boss). I was not the only one who has, apparently. This started an email back-and-forth with a customer service manager who did not respond to my emails and also denied receiving them. After a week of this, I eventually got a shipping box sent to me which I used to send my laptop in and then a week after doing that, I got a working laptop back (yeah!). It was frustrating but getting a working laptop back made it worthwhile.

In conclusion, the moral of the story is that the McLobster and Lenovo could both kindly go to hell.

Thank You and have a wonderful day!


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