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Keith NoakesJune 20, 2015

For those who don’t know, Sophie’s Choice is a book which was later turned into a movie about a man befriending a Polish couple who survived a concentration camp. The “choice” alludes to a point in the story when the woman in the couple had to choose which of her 2 children would survive.

With that said, it’s time to talk about movies. So this month will soon be coming to a close. Being summer right now means a cavalcade of blockbusters will soon follow. The first of those being a pair of popcorn munchers coming out on July 1st.

Speaking of pair, Magic Mike XXL, a much needed sequel to the feel-good, uplifting male stripper movie which came out back in 2012. No, the world didn’t end then as many of us had hoped but we were all treated with a bunch of sweaty, oily, underwear-stuffing d-bags dance around our most innocent of female representatives for 110 mins (it could have been more IMO). Speaking of coming out, that was only the window dressing for this coming of age story of a younger guy being taught how to strip, get girls, and make money. A least he didn’t have to learn the d-bag part. There were a lot of drugs, partying, angst, and most importantly male camaraderie  which I found very moving. So I am very much looking forward to watching more big, sweaty, d-bags frolicking around for another 115 mins or so.

I’ll be back to these assholes.

There is also a new Terminator movie, also known as Terminator Genesis. I am a big fan of the series (except for the first one and the one without Arnold Schwarzenegger). I think that it has to be one of the best action/sci-fi movie series ever. The second movie is like the first one with all the visuals and special effects it should have had (the budget would have something to do with that). The battle between the Terminator and the T-1000 was pretty exciting especially because I always found him quite scary due to how expressionless he always seemed to be. I’ve read that the story for this one involves John Connor sending some guy back in the past to protect/save his mother Sarah from a Terminator sent back to kill her before John is born.

(Spoiler Alert) 

The events from the previous movies kind of took care of that. Also I thing they did that I don’t like is that they’ve spoiled a big twist from the movie in one of the trailers (I obviously won’t say what it is and the trailer below is not the one with the spoiler). Despite that, my excitement for this movie has not wavered.

Now this is my Sophie’s choice, I love each of my children equally and I could just not bare having to choose one over the other. Although the choice may seem obvious to some, it is not for me. On one side, a bunch of good-looking and pretentious d-bag assholes and on the other side a pretty cool and decent looking Schwarzenegger movie. I just hope that I will have seen Jurassic World, Inside Out, and Ted 2 by then just to not make things even more confusing.



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