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Keith NoakesJune 21, 2015

Ever since the original Ted, I’ve been a fan of talking bears. The original Ted was a great, original comedy with smart writing and I am just a big fan of Seth MacFarlane’s voice. Ted’s voice does admittingly sounds like Peter Griffin. I thought the movie was pretty funny as a whole despite the whole growing up subplot. When I saw the trailers for the second movie, my excitement never wavered because it seems just as funny if not funnier than the first. I wasn’t a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s other movie, A Million Ways to Die in The West, I did not find it very funny but rather stupid. When I saw it, I was the only in the theater that wasn’t laughing. Despite that, I still liked Ted and I am very much looking forward to Ted 2 this Friday.

Not too long after I saw Ted, I bought an actual life-sized, talking Ted doll. I didn’t get the kid-friendly PG one but the full-fledged rated R doll who swears and says a whole bunch of bad things. Here it is in all of its NSFW glory:

My second favorite bear has to be Wikibear, a bear who appeared several times on Conan. It all started as a comedy segment. There actually is a Wikibear, a stuffed bear who answers kid’s questions by searching the web and answering them in a kid-friendly way (source). What Conan did is that his version of Wikibear always took its answers to his innocent questions and perverted them in a way that it would relate them to serial killers and death in general.

Here are all of its appearances:

Too bad the actor who did his voice left the show recently so those will be its only appearances on the show.


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