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Grocery Store Etiquette (Updated)

I have worked at a grocery store for nearly 7 years. I have seen and experienced many things during that time. Some customers have been good and some customers have not been so good. They act with common sense and are reasonable. Most would come in and take a shopping cart or basket, fill it with the items in which they want, ask for help if they need it, go through a checkout and then pay for their groceries. Being a cashier, I am not often privy to any of this.

Here are a few things I have noticed (and maybe some pet peeves) over this time:

1. If you take something off the shelf and then decide that you don’t want it anymore, put it back in the general area which you got it.steve1

2. Don’t leave empty carts and shopping baskets in the aisles.


3. My light is on, there is no closed sign on my belt, I’m staring right at you and you still ask me if I am open.


4. You go from the aisles to the checkout and then you decide that you don’t want an item.


5. (continued from 4) You don’t want the item because you didn’t know the price.



7. I ask you several times if you want bags (we charge for bags at our store) or if you have an air miles card, you don’t answer or me so I don’t give you bags or scan your air miles card, we get to the end of the transaction and then you get mad at me for not giving you bags or scanning your air miles card.


I’m sure I may have missed some but this is just how I see it. In all honesty, it isn’t too bad. The majority of the people I see are good and I only really get a few bad people a week.


8. When you want me to pack your bags for you, please hand them to me when I stick both hands out at you and not put them on the end of my checkout. What other reason would I be sticking my hands out? Sometimes you can claim to not see them but that excuse does not work every time.


9. When you come to my checkout with your groceries, why do you have to leave and go to the other end of the store to get something(s) else? It isn’t like you were just there and why would you even come to my checkout in the first place if you don’t have everything you want/need?