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Hello, Hopefully it’s Me You’re Looking For

As you may (or maybe not) have noticed, I started this blog roughly 2 weeks ago. I did not think I would have made it this far but little did I know, I did. It hasn’t been easy coming up with new material every day. I wanted it to be mostly about movies but I haven’t had the chance to see to many movies lately because of work but it should get easier with summer coming up and school being done until the fall. Movies such as: Terminator Genesis, Magic Mike XXL, Minions, The Gallows, Self/less, Ant-man, and Trainwreck are coming up soon.


The Gallows




Promoting my blog has been interesting to say the least. I did not know about all of the places I could go with it. Currently, I am on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest (although I don’t believe I’m doing the last 2 correctly). I’ve also posted links to posts on numerous other sites that I can’t remember. Placing ads on Facebook and Twitter have had decent success but getting people to click on my website or like my Facebook page have not been easy. I assure you that I have no intention of stopping this for now and if you like what you see or if you want to make suggestions about what I may have been doing right, wrong or not at all, please do not hesitate to contact me using any of the social media sites I mentioned above. I would also welcome help with any of the last 2 sites or to be followed (or whatever you do) on any of them and we can talk there to.


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