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Keith NoakesJune 25, 2015

I was feeling nostalgic today so I decided to start a new game in Fallout 3. First I had dinner (I am just going to be pretentious and post a picture of my food).


The start of the game was exactly how I remembered. That song, “I don’t want to set the world on fire” started playing and I started getting chills. I don’t know what it is about that song that gets me so excited. Maybe it was when I heard it for the first time when I saw a commercial for the game before it initially came out and thought how perfectly it suited the game.

The tutorial/vault sequence was fun. My character was being born. Funny how the doctor didn’t know whether I was a boy or girl, I think he should have learnt this at medical school. I chose my race which was black because I felt like being opressed. My face, my hair and other features where just presets because I wasn’t feeling too creative at the time. It was interesting because I never played as a black character before. Also for choosing a black character, the father character becomes black as well.


What made this extra special was that since the character is voiced by Liam Neeson, that makes Liam Neeson black. His voice does not match his character (I assume you know what Liam Neeson’s voice sounds like). So I started off as a black baby crawling to my father. I then had my 10th birthday party where I got my pip-boy which was awesome, I got a sweetroll from Old Lady Palmer, and then spit on it before giving it to Butch (the asshole bully living in the same vault as me). My dad and Jonas gave me a BB gun which I used to shoot targets and radroaches which wasn’t too difficult. I turned 16 and had to take my G.O.A.T (Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test) so I can get my work assignment but before that I had to defend Amata, the vault overseer’s daughter, from Butch and his new gang called the Tunnel Snakes (douches). I started fist-fighting them and then they quickly just gave up and left. After that I entered the classroom to take the test. This is how I did it:

goat1 goat2 goat3 goat4 goat5 goat6 goat7 goat8 goat9 goat10

I ended up becoming a vault chaplain. I didn’t really get a chance at it because I became 19 as soon as I left the classroom. All hell ensued when my father left the vault for some unknown reason that seemed to piss off the overseer which led him to kill Jonas and send his guards after me.


The overseer’s daughter, Amata, warned me about what was happening and about the guards coming for me. She said she would help me and then meet me near the vault exit but she really didn’t do anything. Near the overseer’s office, I had to stop some guards from attacking her. To get out, I had to hack the overseer’s computer and open a tunnel under his desk. When I got to the exit, I had the option to change my race. I changed it because I had a sudden realization that the world was not ready for a black wanderer. I was afraid that people would get the wrong impression. It was dark when I got out.


This is what my character (minus clothes) looks like outside.

character1 character2 character3

When I got out, I did what any reasonable person would, I started exploring the Capital Wasteland. The game wanted me to go somewhere for a quest but I thought that could wait. I just wandered around in no direction in particular but I should have been paying attention because I was not alone. Little did I know, I was being attacked by boatflies and “vicious dogs”. After disposing of them, I found a town named Springvale that I did not remember from playing the game before.


Springvale is full of decrepit, hollowed-out buildings (shocker) and this school that got my attention.


The school was filled mostly with raiders and a dog which I disposed of using a baseball bat and a police baton. (fun fact) The basement has a locked room whose key you can get by killing the main raider guy. Inside that room has a hole in the ground that leads to a few paths which contain a lot of giant ants who all perished thanks to my aforementioned baseball bat and police baton. After exiting the building from the bottom, there are a few raiders outside but my guns and well-times head shots using V.A.T.S. took care of them. I looked at the time and then I realized that Penny Dreadful was on soon so I stopped playing.




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