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Keith NoakesJune 28, 2015

What would any other reasonable person had done? It was a Saturday night after work and I was hungry. Being the progressive thinker I am, I decided to try to find a way to get something before I get home from the bus. Luckily like most people in the first world, I happen to own a smartphone. I chose to use it for good and not evil. I remembered that I once ordered some Pizza Hut from their mobile site and it was delicious so I wanted to do it again. While browsing the site today, I came across a promotion involving the stuffing of crusts with 5 cheeses for the very low price of $2 for a medium size pizza.


This brought me back some good memories because I always believed that Pizza Hut had the best stuffed crust pizzas. So with that in mind, I was ready to get some stuffed crust pizza. In order to make an informed decision, I scrolled all the way through my choices until a few found my eye: the Cheesy Poutine pizza and the Smoky Maple Bacon Pizza. I think it’s clear that I like cheese, I like poutine, I like bacon, and I like maple so it seemed clear to me that I would like these pizzas. So it was set, I was to get a medium 5-cheese stuffed crust Cheesy Poutine pizza, and a medium 5-cheese stuffed crust Smoky Maple Bacon pizza at around 30 minutes after my arrival back home. Anticipation built as I waited for both pizzas to arrive. I was a little surprised though, I was told that each could feed 2-4 people but by their size, that estimate looks unlikely.


Above shows what both pizzas I ordered are supposed to look like (my Cheesy Poutine pizza had no beef) and this is what my Cheesy Poutine and Smoky Maple Bacon pizzas looked like.

poutine_pizza smoky_bacon_pizza

First the Cheesy Poutine pizza, it has beef gravy as a sauce and is topped with golden brown fries, cheese curds, and pizza mozzarella cheese. I thought it was pretty good overall. If I had one complaint, it would be that it did not have enough gravy or fries. I think they may have tried to make up for the lack of fries and gravy with more cheese. Believe me, I like cheese just as much as the next guy but the ratio of all the ingredients to each other could definitely have been better.

Now for the Smoky Maple Bacon pizza. it has alfredo sauce, maple bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon crumble, sliced mushroom, shredded cheddar and pizza mozzarella cheese. I found that I did not like it as much as the first pizza. I definitely made a mistake to not customize it and even the first pizza. For this one, I would have gone without the mushrooms (which don’t make sense to me) and I would have switched the alfredo sauce (which did not work as well) for regular pizza sauce. As with all things, it could have had more bacon because there is no such thing as too much bacon. Not much else to say about the stuffed crust other than it was adequate. There was enough cheese in it and I appreciated that it was a little thicker and wider than normal crusts.

I do like to live dangerously in that I like to eat the most unhealthy yet delicious items available. This did not start tonight, however. My bacon and cheddar cheese stuffed burgers with swiss cheese, bacon and some mac and cheese on top that I made last night sounded good on paper but I just had to screw them up and burn them.


Oh well, I still have enough to make some again and hopefully I get it right the next time. I have been known to eat some bacon cheeseburger poutine (picture unavailable) on occasion. If I had to pick something to have next, it would be the bacon wrapped deep dish pizza from Little Caesars.


Who knows if I’ll live to see the day that I’ll try one of those but whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


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