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Keith NoakesJune 30, 2015

Not a bad start after roughly 3 weeks but I think we can do better:


I don’t have too much else to say today but if you ever wondered what I looked like, here you go:


This was a few years ago before me and a few of my friends went to see This is the End. I thought it was a pretty funny movie. I also saw World War Z earlier that day. It was a mediocre and disappointing movie. I am not a fan of PG-13 horror movies due to the lack of blood and gore. I personally think that when watching a zombie movieĀ (or anything zombie related), I want to see zombies get obliterated or see zombies tear people apart. In this movie, zombie attacks were way too clean and all of the zombie kills were off screen or from far away. The funniest part of the movie has to be the gratuitous Pepsi product placement scene:

This week will be busy for me because I should have reviews for Jurassic World, Magic Mike XXL, and Terminator Genesis and the continuation of my Fallout 3 playthrough. I will end by taking a moment to wish all of my Canadian friends a happy Canada Day and a happy 4th of July to my American friends.

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