The Hall of Shame Update

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Seeing I’ve spoken of other movies since that original post, I thought I would just consolidate all of that here.

  1. Sharknado 3 Review
  2. Zombeavers Review
  3. Love in the Time of Monsters Review 

Here is a list of modern B-movies I hope to watch very soon courtesy of

I wish I knew how to increase the font size 🙁

1. Dead Snow

A group of students go up into the Norwegian mountains and have to fend off an unceasing attack of Nazi zombies in this gleefully gory B-flick.

2. Raze

Master stuntwoman Zoe Bell as a female gladiator forced to fight to the death? This hits all of the B movie targets brilliantly.

3. Piranha 3D

Man vs. nature is a classic B movie subject, and this 2010 horror comedy reveled in the gory frenzy of nubile bodies getting chewed up by fish. I have also seen the “sequel” to this Piranha 3DD.

4. You’re Next

Adam Wingard’s 2011 slasher flick captures the B horror aesthetic perfectly – weird, memorable characters, a claustrophobic location and tons of blood.

5. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

Eli Craig’s backwoods horror comedy is remarkably self-aware for a B movie, with great performances and some surprising twists.

6. Hobo with a Shotgun

Shot in grainy 70s film quality, Rutger Hauer reclaims his title as the king of the Bs in this gory, over-the-top modern classic. I will admit that I’ve seen this one before but I kinda want to see it again.

7. Big Ass Spider!

Sure, the effects in Mike Mendez’s enormous arachnid film might be pretty lousy, but that’s just part of the charm.

8. Iron Sky

This German-Australian-Finnish sci-fi B movie has all the key ingredients: Nazis, hot chicks and a secret base on the moon.

9. Bitch Slap

In the tradition of Russ Meyer desert cheapies, this 2009 flick takes three top-heavy ladies and put them against a sword-swinging psychopath in the middle of nowhere.

10. Machete

Danny Trejo has a face made for B movies, and when he took the starring role in Grindhousespin-off Machete the world rejoiced.


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