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A Worthy Waste of Time

On a day when I was off from work and I had no plans whatsoever, I decided, as most do, to watch random videos on YouTube. I am not sure how I got to where I did but I ended up watching Korean pop music videos. I was surprised by how catchy they were. I started off with one that I heard of on a recent episode of Conan. I watched the video they were referencing and then I started to become curious about their other videos. They have plenty but I just decided to post a few. I don’t claim to understand what they are saying but it definitely sounds better than a lot of music from North America. Hopefully they will now be in your head as they are now in mine.

Song 1: I am the best (You may have heard this one before but just didn’t know who it was from)

Song 2: Falling in love

Song 3: Fire

Song 4: I don’t care

Now let’s not forget this one or this one.


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