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So, This Is a Thing …

I just came across this trailer and I thought I should share it with all of you. So Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead) stars in a movie about a nanny who has to take care of some rich family’s son for some indeterminate amount of time. Little does she know that the boy isn’t exactly what he seems (a friggin doll). Not taking her job seriously (you know since the boy is a friggin doll), she decides to ignore the list of rules his rich parents gave her. Shortly afterwards, the boy becomes sort of alive and starts to haunt her. Now it is up to her to uncover the boy’s past in order to figure out what happened to him to make him the way he is now and to try to stop him.

I just couldn’t take much of this trailer very seriously when the boy doll just looks so damn creepy. I was also shocked by the fact that it looked like the movie was taking itself seriously too (especially since the name of the film is “The Boy”). I’ll probably still see it though because it looks bad and it is always fun to see something just to laugh at it (Fifty Shades of Gray, I’m talking to you).

So boy Annabelle is coming soon (I’m guessing probably before the end of the year) to a theater near you!


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