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Classic Keith Vol.4

Here’s my next edition in a series which I’m calling “Classic Keith” where I highlight one of my past posts on this site. If you would like to see any of my previous editions, click here. This new post was one I wrote in early June 2015 about my love of NASCAR, including how I got into it and featured some exciting crashing.

Here’s a taste:

Since then, I was hooked. I thought it was the most exciting thing I have ever seen and even after 12 years, I still feel that way. The speed, the strategy, the competition, the action, the team mentality, the crashing, all those things managed to gain and hold my attention. I’ve watched every race, every weekend since then. I’ve also been to a few races in person and they were even more exciting. You can definitely see a lot more in person than you can when you watch it on TV. You’re so much closer to the action and the cars are a lot more louder than you expect.

And also:


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