The X-FilesThe X-Files Revival Recap

Keith NoakesFebruary 23, 2016

Read past this paragraph if you haven’t seen any episodes from the X-Files revival.

So the X-Files revival just ended and the fact that it ended with a cliffhanger should not surprise anyone. At least my hope is that there will be more beyond what they’ve offered here. I know both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are busy with other jobs but it would definitely be nice if they could come back for another season. I just wish that any new season is more than 6 episodes as that just did this season a great disservice as they did not get to tell the story the way they should. The mythology episodes just felt rushed and lacked focus, the episodes in between were mostly okay with “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” being the highlight of these and the revival as a whole. Overall, I thought the series as a whole could have been a lot better. Maybe it was because of the   ~14 year absence or the writing but it just didn’t feel the same to me. However, it’s easy to look past these when we get another excuse to be with Mulder and Scully again. I just hope that when they do come back for another season as I think they will, that they will get more than 6 episodes to work with. Like I said, I know both actors are busy but I think that 10-12 episodes are doable. This gives them a better opportunity to tell the story, improving their mix of standalone episodes with more, less rushed mythology episodes. I hope the ratings which the episodes got convince them to go for another season. I just want more.

If you missed any of the revival’s episodes or haven’t seen any then maybe you would be interested in any of my episode previews:

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4. Home Again

5. Babylon

6. My Struggle II

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If you would like to watch a mini-documentary on the making of the revival, click here.



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