Borat Deleted Scene

While his character may not be for everyone, I’ve always found Sacha Baron Cohen to be hilarious. I thought Borat was a great character and his movie, Borat, was a classic when it was released back in 2006. It just had many quotable lines and memorable moments. This movie could have been much more. Cohen was on Conan last night where he talked about a deleted scene in Borat in a video which I shared below. This was basically something that involved Borat being part of a porno shoot. I think this could have worked in the movie and his explanation was hilarious. I would have liked to have seen that. Although it would be nice to see the character again, I don’t think it would work as well as he no longer would have his initial shock factor.

Cohen also had another segment where he was on the street in normal attire where he asked normal people on the street what they thought of him. Their answers were quite interesting to say the least as they seemingly had no idea it was him.


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