Bow Down to the Hanks (A Hologram for the King Trailer)

I’ve always been a big Tom Hanks fan. There isn’t one movie of his that I’ve seen which I didn’t like (I didn’t like The Da Vinci Code). So to learn that he would be a part of this upcoming film, “A Hologram for the King”, has made me partially excited. The story here isn’t particularly original as it has been in several other movies over the last year. Here is another clueless American goes to a Middle Eastern country and gets a new lease on life. Out of the actors who have done this sort of thing so far, Bill Murray in Rock the Kasbah and Tina Fey in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, I think Tom Hanks would be the best for this. I have always found him very likeable in all his movies and I think he would bring a lot to the table charm-wise. A Hologram for the King releases April 22nd, 2016.


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