E.T. The Extra Terrestrial as a 90s Sitcom

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is one of the greatest children’s films of all time if not one of the greatest films of all time. We all know the movie and we know the character of E.T. But what if the movies was actually a 1990s sitcom? The Youtube channel Mashable Watercooler explored this by taking an old trailer of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and making it into an opening title sequence of a 1990s sitcom. I thought it was pretty great and I would actually have watched that show back in the 1990s if I was old enough to understand. If you would like to see a past video from Mashable Watercooler entitled Lincoln Fist Axe Warrior, click here.


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  1. Matt closed the door to our office when I started watching this. He’s in – he definitely would have watched this!