Beyond Expectation (Star Trek: Beyond Trailer 2)

If you would like to read my thoughts on the first trailer, click here. On an unrelated note, I apologize for the title of my previous Star Trek post as it does not really make any sense. Now let’s get back to this. I’ve been a big fan of this new series ever since the original back in 2009. Perhaps my expectations were a little too high since I found myself a little disappointed by the sequel, Star Trek: Into Darkness in 2013 (just call him Khan!). Despite that, I still have hope for this new entry called Beyond. This trailer intrigued me a little bit as I found the tone to be a little different here. It just seemed a little more serious than usual since the previous films always seemed to have a lighter tone. That’s still okay with me and with co-star Simon Pegg co-writing the script, I’m sure there will still be lighter moments. Star Trek: Beyond releases July 22, 2016.


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