Keith's BlogHappy on The Inside and The Outside (Featuring Bacon)

Keith NoakesMay 21, 2016

If you would like to read any of my past food-related posts, click here. Ever since I started this site, I’ve been documenting my experience with bacon. I’ve wrapped it around pizza and I’ve wrapped it around burgers. If you thought I was done there, then you thought wrong.

Today, we will still be dealing with burgers but we’ll be doing something different this time. Ever had a bacon cheeseburger and wondered what it would be like if you had bacon and cheese inside and outside? Well now is your time as I have decided to go about solving this by creating burgers with bacon and cheddar cheese on the inside and outside.

Here are the ingredients:

Crustini buns, cheddar cheese, bacon, and frozen cheddar and bacon stuffed burgers (they were on sale so I decided to use them instead).

Here are what the burgers looked like:

Decent size.

Then I wrapped them in the bacon.

I managed to wrap 4 of them with 3 slices but since I was running out, I wrapped the last 2 with 1 slice (better buy more the next time!)

Time to put them on the barbecue.

In case you forgot what my barbecue looked like.



Here they are after 10 minutes:


Flipped them over.


Here they are after another 10 minutes:


Time to put some cheddar cheese on them!


The cheese has now melted after a few minutes.


Time to bring them inside.


Time to bun them up.


Then I finished them off with some Sweet & Sticky Bull’s-Eye Barbecue Sauce (forgot to take a picture because I was too busy eating) and washed it down with a Fruit Punch Mountain Dew Kickstart. I could have chosen any sauce and drink combo but I chose those so if either them wants to sponsor me, then I wouldn’t say no to that. Thought I’d try


So that’s it. I assure you that they were much better than the basic bacon-wrapped burgers from before and of course if I make anything else interesting, I’ll be sure to share it here.

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