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Keith NoakesMay 23, 2016

Captain America: Civil War has now come and gone with great fanfare.  You can read my review here. Despite that, I am not done as I have a pair of videos to share with you today.

As everyone already knows, Civil War as with all other MCU movies have massive budgets. This budget allows them to boast a cast of great actors, great special effects, great locations, and great costumes and props. Pretty much everything is great, especially when it is perfectly utilized as it’s usually been so far. But what if the movie did not have the massive budget it had and what would it look like? These questions have now been answered by this trailer of Captain America: Civil War by the Youtube channel Budget Videos which recreates one of the trailers as if it had a much, much lower budget. Trust me, it shows.

There are no bigger Marvel properties than The Avengers and The X-Men. Unfortunately since their film rights are owned by two different studios, the chances of them ever being on screen together are slim to none, until now. The Youtube channel Alex Luthor has now created a fan trailer of what a potential Avengers vs X-Men movie could look like by cutting trailers of both Avengers (including Civil War) and X-Men movies and it looks pretty cool. It does kind of work as a movie and I would see it if it was real. Oh well. With Spider-Man recently returning to Marvel Studios, there is still hope for more to return to them so they can do them justice. If you would like to help, I encourage all of you to sign this petition asking for Fox to sell the rights to the Fantastic Four back to Marvel. The last movie was terrible and they are planning to do a sequel which will inevitably be just as terrible. Let’s give Marvel a chance for once.


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