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Keith NoakesMay 31, 2016

Skin Traffik

This one is probably the newest addition in the so bad, it’s good category. Even after watching the trailer, I still couldn’t tell what this movie is about so I had to look up the synopsis which is: “A jaded hit man regains his humanity in this dark tale of redemption and sacrifice, set amidst a brutal underworld in which daily survival is not so much a skill but an instinct”. To be honest, I didn’t really care what the movie was about. The movie just looks bad from top to bottom but I thought I’d still share it anyway. It just screams B-movie but some people are into those kinds of movies. Skin Traffik releases October 13th, 2016 in the US and a week later on October 20th in my Canada.

Lost Creek

This one is a little better but it isn’t exactly a masterpiece either. Movies with kids could go either way. They could be good to the point that they’re not noticeable or they could make a film really bad. So far, this is feeling more like the latter than the former. Since the movie depends so much on them, this is not looking good. This one is about three elementary school kids approaching the end of childhood. They must brave the woods on Halloween to face a monster born from their nightmares. There was a maybe a 10-15 second sequence where we got a glimpse of the monster which was kind of interesting but the rest of the trailer was not. I couldn’t find a release date.


A movie shot entirely in Snapchat? What can possibly go wrong? Well it’s not in landscape mode, that’s one thing. I applaud them for trying some different but at least Unfriended, which was pretty much a 90 minute Skype conversation, it filled the screen. I don’t know how well this one will do. From what I can see, this has some Blair Witch vibes with the only difference being stereotypical stupid younger people. That’s fine because most horror movies are based on stupid people making stupid decisions anyway. We don’t really get much plot-wise here but the movie has managed to gain my curiosity but will it gain my attention? Sickhouse will actually be released tomorrow on Video on Demand so maybe it will look better than on an actual theater screen.

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