La La Land Teaser Trailer

This is a big one. Not necessarily because I say so but because a lot of people are looking forward to this one. I’m not usually a big romance fan but since the director of one of my favorite films in Whiplash, Damien Chazelle, is involved, so this attention is warranted. I admit that I kind of forgot about it until the trailer surfaced. For those who don’t know, this one is about a jazz pianist named Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who falls for an aspiring actress named Mia (Emma Stone) in Los Angeles. This teaser doesn’t really give much away other than the fact that Gosling is a decent singer and may or may not be good at playing the piano too. There’s no doubt that Gosling and Stone have great chemistry seeing that they’ve appeared in so many movies together and the world created here by Chazelle was very beautiful here and I can’t wait to see it all. La La Land releases December 16th, 2016.


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