TrailersArrival Official and International Trailers

Keith NoakesAugust 16, 2016

Sorry for the late arrival


Sorry about the joke too but I kind of had to do it. Here’s another alien invasion movie but this one approaches it from a different perspective, through language. When a series of alien crafts land all around the world, an expert linguist named Dr. Louise Blanks (Amy Adams) to decide whether they come in peace, or something else. This is definitely an interesting approach to the whole alien genre and Adams looks believable in the role. There are two trailers below where the first shows things a little further along in the story while the second offers a little more background of the characters and how they got there. Both trailers look exciting and I hope it keeps this interesting approach and doesn’t devolve but I have every faith that director Denis Villeneuve will do a great job. Arrival arrives November 11th, 2016.

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