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Keith NoakesNovember 29, 2016

If you would like to read a recap of last week’s episode, click here. In a season that has mostly dragged on at a mostly sluggish pace, the last episode showed showed promise as several big showdowns appear to be on the horizon. With Lee and Mario’s wedding coming up, there is sure to be some fireworks there as well. Let’s hope that this episode gives the season a little clearer direction (and at least a green-eyed monster).

The episode starts off with a random doctor working with some vials of Alice Tetch’s blood. He then leaves and goes to a bar. Mario comes in and mentions Lee. They talk about the case and how Lee has devised a test to determine whether one is infected with the virus. He claims that he won’t allow Lee to run back to Gordon. Mario finds him later. He pretends that he is Gordon and crushes his skull.

A member of the Whisper Gang briefs Bruce on what happened. Their plans haven’t changed. Bruce is worried that the Owls know that he broke their agreement. Alfred asks him is it worth it to continue. Bruce wants to move forward.

Gordon investigates the murder scene. Bullock wants him to take day off because it is the day of Lee’s wedding. He wants to work and nothing changes. Gordon sees what happened and Bullock thinks he may be paranoid since the scene implies another person infected with the Tetch virus. Gordon finds a receipt links the victim to the blood lab working on Alice Tetch’s blood.

Barbara wonders why Ed isn’t investigating any more. Ed now thinks they are using him to get to Penguin and he is being patient. Barbara fakes coughs Penguin’s name but Ed doesn’t believe it. She tries to convince him that he did it for love. Ed finds it ridiculous and begins to wonders her motive. She claims to want justice. Ed is skeptical but there is still doubt within him.

Bruce, Alfred,and the Whisper devise a plan to get infiltrate an Owl building and rob their safe. They’ve already taken out cameras but there is still a laser grid on the floor. Bruce leaves and goes to Selina. Gordon visits the lab. The dead doctor’s keycard was used. Gordon tells the security guard to call the police. He sees a dead scientist and then is attacked by Mario who then knocks him out. He doesn’t kill Gordon because he wants Lee to hate him first. He writes a message on Gordon’s hand.

Bullock and Lucius arrive. Bullock is mad about other infected person running around. The message on Gordon’s hand was Arkham. Gordon goes there and talks to the Hatter. He is not surprised about other infection. Gordon believes that she might have infected them accidentally and that he probably knew and just waited until it manifested. Gordon wants a name but the Hatter wants to play a game instead. Gordon plays back and the Hatter seems to accidentally hints to Mario.

Bruce is practicing walking across a rope. Selina seems to not be impressed. She is concerned about him taking on the Owls but Alfred reminds her that Bruce made the deal to protect her. Bullock is confused by the fact they brought in Mario. It it was him, his motives don’t make sense. Mario is tested and he doesn’t have the virus and Bullock apologizes to him. Gordon doesn’t accept it and is determined to prove that he has the virus.

Bruce wonders why Selina left. They get ready to go. Their whisper guy gets killed. Ed briefs Penguin about some mayoral duties and resigns. Penguin doesn’t want him to leave. Ed is feeling like he wants to be more than friends. Penguin thinks he means it’s love but he really meant business partners. Penguin is sad.

Gordon goes to Lee’s house but Mario is there. He took her phone and begins to toy with Gordon. Gordon vows to find out how he beat the test. Gordon calls him out for his jealousy. Mario claims that he’s not jealous of Gordon but jealous that part of Lee still loves him. Gordon pulls gun out but Mario reminds him that he’s still a Falcone. Zsasz appears.

Gordon tries to convince Zsasz to let him go but he was only supposed to keep him until a certain time. He lets him go but keeps his bullets. Gordon manages to get them back anyway. Penguin is at some awards ceremony, meanwhile, Ed imagines stabbing him. Afterwards, Penguin goes back and talks to him. He wants to pretend like nothing happened and that he doesn’t want to lose him. He tells him that he is his best friend and Ed hugs him and tells him to remember that he’s Ed’s best friend too.

Gordon goes to Lee at the church. She’s okay and asks where Mario is. He tells her that she can’t marry him. Lee already knows everything. Gordon convinced he’s infected. He pleads her to not marry him. Gordon figures it out what Mario was doing. He wanted to make Gordon look crazy. Lee wants him to get help. Gordon professes his love. He regrets not seeing her earlier when he got out of jail. He wanted to set things right first. He also admits to seeing her earlier through the windows but he didn’t go in since she looked so happy and has regretted it ever since. She tells him that they’re leaving after the wedding and she doesn’t appreciate it his profession to her.

She asks Carmine to escort him out. We see their wedding juxtaposed with Gordon getting beat up by some mobsters. Bruce and Alfred are getting ready to go in. They notice that the Whisper is not there. Alfred wants to go home but Bruce still wants to go. Selina offers to help. Bruce wonders if it means that she’s his girlfriend.

Lucius found proof that Mario may have cheated the test. Gordon gets dumped from a car. Alfred distracts the guards so Bruce and Selina can get in. Alfred gets in and monitors the scene. Selina kisses him before walking across rope over laser grid. Bruce is struggling to hold on. Selina gets to the other side and opens the safe to find a glass owl sculpture inside. An Owl guy comes and tries to stop them but they get away. Alfred come in and fights him. Bruce doesn’t want to leave him so he and Selina somehow join in. Another woman comes in and tries to knock him out. Alfred kills him. The woman reveals herself to be Selina’s mom, leaving Selina shocked.

Lucius found evidence that Mario cheated the test. Lee and Mario snuck away from the wedding reception. Tabitha is getting used to her reattached hand. Her and Butch vow to kill Ed. Ed comes in and tells them he wants to destroy Penguin. Ed assumes they want something in return so Barbara wants to be leader of underworld and for Ed to join her team. Ed apologizes to Tabitha but it wasn’t accepted.

Mario and Lee are at a cabin. Mario asks Lee what happened with Gordon before the wedding and if she has feelings for him. She still cares for him but she married Mario, leaving him crazily happy. Gordon storms in on Carmine asking where Lee and Mario are. Carmine knew that he was in danger but not why. He also can’t tell him who knew that he had the virus. He sends men to get them because he knows that Gordon will kill Mario. Gordon claims to be their only hope and kills Carmine’s goons to convince him. Carmine allows him to go.

Lee is setting the table while Mario appears to be transforming into something. He picks up a knife. Gordon arrives and he shoots Mario as he’s about to stab her.

Overall, while not having the level of resolution I expected and no Green-Eyed Monster (maybe it was supposed to be Mario), it was still a somewhat exciting episode. Selina’s mother was a nice addition but I am curious to figure out how she knew where to find them. I was kind of disappointed with the level of Court of Owl resolution as the glass owl wasn’t that impressive of a find. I am also excited about the eventual showdown between Ed and Penguin as it was just a matter of time. I hope the whole Tetch thing wasn’t just an elaborate setup to cause a rift between Gordon and Lee. I am still hopeful with the direction things are going and I can’t wait until it comes back.

Score: 7.5/10

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