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Keith NoakesNovember 30, 2016

Oh yeah, that show is still on. If you would like to read my recap of the last episode, click here. So it’s been awhile since it last aired. I kind of forgot about it. The episode was starting to tie in with Doctor Strange with the Darkhold subplot and it introduced us to Robbie’s origin story. But where do they go from here and where are Coulson, Robbie, Fitz, and co.?

The episode starts off with an empty power plant. The inside appears to ba stable but there is no sign of Coulson, Fitz, or Robbie. Mack is sure that something isn’t right. It was like they vanished. May tries to get them on the coms but there’s no answer. They did find Eli though. He gets cornered by some Shield soldiers but he then pulls out a piece of carbon. He then appears to drop it on the ground but then all the soldiers are stabbed by carbon spikers. He puts up a wall of carbon behind him as he leaves.

Mack looks over what happened and all he sees is evil. Everybody in the zephyr look over footage and see that everyone appears to get vaporized. Mace says it’s a tragedy and they have to prepare for something that he doesn’t get to say because Daisy cuts him off. She can’t accept that they’re gone and she asks for Simmonds’ help. Mack wants to go after Eli but Mace wants Simmonds to study all the technology first so they don’t go in blind.

Simmonds secret mission was to help some scientists with a terrigenesis cocoon. It has been active for seven months. The person’s identity is classified and the scientists want to know who he will become. Mack checks in on May. She starts to believe like Daisy that they are still alive. She turn to the Darkhold for help but Mack tries to warn her against it.

They now have a lead on those chinese gangsters who apparently went to prison with Eli, making it likely that they were working together. Mace still prefers they study the tech. Mack begrudgingly accepts as he takes care of the dead soldiers’ bodies while May and Mace ride back with the tech and bring it to Radcliffe. Gabe feels responsible for what happened but Daisy reassures him. Mack, for some reason, takes Robbie’s motorcycle and goes off.

Now back at the power plant, everything appears to have some sort of white-ish. Fitz finds Coulson in the control room but Mack and May can’t seem to see or hear them. Coulson walks through Mack, implying that they are now ghosts. They follow them. Robbie, who is also a ghost, watches Eli kill the soldiers and he is shocked. Coulson and Fitz catch up with him.

Now they’re all in the zephyr. The lights are darker and they can barely hear the others. Fitz figures that they are between dimensions. They appear to have been pulled deeper than Lucy. They vow to stick together through this. Fitz eavesdrops on Mace during a call about Simmonds. They apparently can’t have her back yet because something happened. Robbie is freezing and he needs warmth.

Coulson tries to talk to May. She appears to have maybe heard him but she then goes to the Darkhold. Coulson doesn’t approve and tries to stop her. Mack comes in and he tries to convince Mack to stop her. He hears Robbie in the distance. Robbie is in pain on the floor and then the Ghost Rider spirit decides to hop into Mack.

Robbie hops into his car that Daisy is driving to try and get to Mack. Daisy tries to plead Mack to pull over. He claims that he is doing what has to be done. Mack gets away. May and Mace meet with Radcliffe and Aida. They believe that the boxes harness energy from multiple dimensions and that the technology is light years ahead of them. May hand them darkhold. Radcliffe opens the book and is then overwhelmed by it. He thinks there has to be another way. He stops May from reading it as it is too much for a human mind to bare.

Simmonds hears fast heartbeat from the cocoon. She demands the scientists turn off the lights and leave the room. She takes her suit off and introduces herself. She tries to calm him down by telling him that everything is okay. His heartbeat begin to slow down and the cocoon begins to tear open. Mack takes on the Chinese gangsters.

Aida offers to read the Darkhold. Radcliffe tells May that she’s an android. May is convinced that she is their only hope and hand her the book. Daisy catches up to Mack while also taking care of some gangsters. Mack appears to be talking to someone. He says he can withstand pain for years, he knows where he’s being dragged to and that he’s escaped it and doesn’t want to go back. Daisy approaches him and then he turns into full-on Ghost Rider.

Robbie is watching the car chase with Daisy. He claims that he needs GR back. Coulson and Fitz watch May, Radcliffe, and Aida. Fitz wants Aida to read the book. Coulson is confused but Fitz tells him about her being an android. Coulson doesn’t like that he kept it from him but it’s not up to him anymore. They begin to argue over their life choices. Fitz really misses simmonds but Coulson tries to console him. Fitz believes he’s done the right thing.

Aida is processing the book. Simmonds starts to peels off the cocoon. The man inside introduces himself but she then gets taken away. The man misses her. Robbie watches Daisy fight the gangsters. He leaves her to go to Mack. He then talks to GR part of Mack. He tells him that his work is not done because Eli is still out there. GR claims they’re not together and that it’s over. Robbie claims that they are not done until they take care of Eli.

The lights are now darker. Radcliffe has now built an interdimensional gateway. Aida is wearing some sort of glove and appears to be playing around with magical strings. She now knows they’re there. Coulson is being pulled away from the dimension. Fitz is struggling to hold on. Radcliffe and May don’t notice anything going on.

Robbie is still talking to GR. He pleads him to let go of Mack. As Mack approaches Daisy, she pleads him to stop. Robbie goes at him. Aida appears to be done setting the strings. Radcliffe turns the machine on. They  watch Fitz and Coulson. Fitz and Coulson manage to get through the gate.

Robbie tells GR that he will settle all his scores if he goes back to him. He gives up Mack who is okay. Fitz demands that Mace tells him where Simmonds is and where she went. She then shows up. Coulson confronts May on breaking her promise to not open the Darkhold and she responds, damn straight.

Mack needs time alone but got a lead on Eli’s location. Robbie is still gone. Mack is hurting. Robbie comes out of the gate and then asks Mack if he wants to help him settle his last score (Eli).

Radcliffe is playing guitar and making up a song about Aida while she appears to be doing something with her brain.

Overall, the almost month long hiatus kind of killed the momentum of the season which made the episode less exciting. It was still exciting even though the real tie-in to Doctor Strange was not as strong almost a month later. The show appears to be leading up to something big (maybe involving the terrigenesis guy?) for its midseason finale next week and I can’t wait.

Score: 8/10

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