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Keith NoakesNovember 30, 2016

If you would like to read a recap of the last episode, click here. While the last episode did little to advance the plot, offering a rather filler episode about a Russian double agent, the midseason finale promises to do more and answer some lingering questions. Who is Leo’s real father? Who is Catalan and what does he have to do with the Capitol bombing? What crisis will Tom have to face this week?

The episode starts off with Nassar’s body being prepared for burial. Seth announces the upcoming Congressional elections. Another reporter mentions a flu outbreak in Kansas City while another asks if Nassar is dead. Seth tells them the truth and swears that he was humanely held and that he did not die from torture. Tom learns about this and Aaron advises him to address it quickly before it makes them look bad.

Wells has been working all night, looking into Catalan. She notices that Atwood has been distant lately. She finds him in his office and asks him what was happening with his son. He claims that he was just at a friend’s house (which is a lie because he was kidnapped). Wells offers to help in any way she can. His phone begins to ring but he doesn’t want to answer it until she gives him so privacy. Before she leaves, he asks her to look into the Wettle case.

The woman from before checks in. She tells him to wait until her next call. Wells is looking into the Wettle case. A co-worker is surprised seeing that the case was already solved a long time ago. Tom meets Hookstraten to tell her the news about Nassar. She is disappointed but Tom wants her to put their differences aside so this doesn’t overshadow the elections. She vows to help him.

The flu outbreak in Kansas City was not actually the flu but a ricin attack. They believe that it was an act of terrorism. There is no link between victims. Mike brings Leo to school where a reporter ambushes him about his real father. Mike threatens him to leave but Leo is thinking about it.

Atwood is told to go to his car. He refuses to do it until he hears from his son. The woman complies but as he leaves, Wells notices something off so she follows him. They get to some warehouse. Wells gets to the roof and watches a conversation between Atwood and the woman. She hands Atwood instructions for his meeting with Tom. He says he can’t do it. She claims that he’ll get son back if he does. Catalan is watching Wells from a nearby car.

Tom and Alex are discussing the outbreak when Leo barges in and asks Tom if he’s his real father. Tom is shocked. Leo doesn’t want to sit down. Tom urges that he is his real father and Leo is upset. The ricin victims are poll workers. The booths were infected with the ricin. Tom is not sure whether to continue with the election but everyone is urging him that they have to try. Tom gets Seth to look into the reporter who ambushed Leo.

The Wettle case was already closed and involved a kidnapped daughter, leading Wells to make to connection that Atwood’s son was kidnapped. She asks a co-worker to look into Atwood’s phone. He is heading to the White House. Seth figures out that the reporter, named Jared Kaplan (Dylan Maslany), works for the same newspaper as Lisa.

Wells can’t get into the White House. She tries to call Atwood to offer help but he won’t answer. Atwood meets with Tom and admits to poisoning Nassar. Tom is shocked as it didn’t make sense. Atwood surrenders himself to security. Test prove Atwood’s claim that he poisoned him. Tom still doesn’t believe it. Emily claims that tragedy changes people.

They found the ricin suspect. He was part of anti-government cell urging its followers to spread ricin at polling booths. One of the ricin victims, a school teacher died. Seth confronts Jared and he tells him that Lisa gave him the story. Wells looks into the mysterious woman and finds nothing. Aaron calls Wells to come to White House about the Nassar investigation.

Tom wants to cancel the election but everyone is urging him not to. The DNA results are in. Leo wants to speak to Tom in private. Tom says he doesn’t need to open it to know the truth. He didn’t say anything to Leo because it didn’t matter to him but he didn’t think about what it was like for Leo and hands him the envelope. Tom is watching the daughter of the dead school teacher and gets emotional.

Tom holds a press conference and talks about the teacher and announces that he’s not cancelling the elections since they cannot live in fear. Tom tells Hookstraten and MacLeish about Nassar. She wants to start an inquiry with into the death with the new Congress. Seth confronts Lisa. She admits to giving Jared the story and she doesn’t want to make him choose between her and the truth.

Wells gets an anonymous text telling her to tell Aaron nothing. Aaron tells her what happened with Atwood and she still doesn’t believe it. He asks her if she ever noticed anything off with Atwood and she says no. The anonymous text was traced to a phone number. Mike tries to console Leo. He never met his biological dad. Everyone is getting ready to vote. Tom is worried about how the Leo news will affect his family. The voting station is almost empty.

Tom is worried about election but Alex tries to reassure him. Leo comes in and tells Tom that he doesn’t need to open envelope. Tom is called away but before going into a room, Tom opens it. He learns about a high voter turnout for the election. They’ve rounded up all the terror cell members and they didn’t have ricin.

Aaron tells Tom about his meeting with Wells. Tom asks Seth to meet Lisa. He gives her the DNA results proving that Tom is Leo’s father. He doesn’t take her credentials. Seth and Lisa are still working together but they will only be co-workers and nothing more.

Wells calls the traced number and reaches the “room 105” woman. She doesn’t want to talk but mentions 11:14 pm. MacLeish meets with Hookstraten. He tells her that he’s not supporting her but she figures out his plan that he’s going to stay close to Tom and wait for him to fail. She vows  to take them both down.

MacLeish meets with the woman. She tells him what happened and that he has to destroy one more good person until he’s a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Overall, this was an exciting episode which nicely wrapped up a few subplots while creating a few more. I can’t wait to figure out who the mysterious woman is and her connection with MacLeish. How will Tom deal with Hookstraten and a fully stocked congress? We will just have to wait until the show comes back.

Score: 8.5/10

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