TV ReviewsLethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 8: Can I Get a Witness? Recap

Keith NoakesDecember 1, 2016

If you would like to read a recap of last week’s episode click here. Last week’s episode was the best episode so far this season as it was the best example of what makes this show great. So where do they go from there? After such an emotional episode, there is due to be a let down but not all episodes can be at such a high level.

The episode starts off with a waitress named Sarah McFadden (Lindsey Kraft) serving patrons at a casino. Suddenly, a gang of bikers come and rob the place while shooting it up in the process.

Riggs is shooting beer bottles from the roof of his trailer. He grabs a box and as he opens it. He notices his dog grabbing a wrap he had in his fridge. He notices some letters on the ground. One of them has a cheque from the sale of his old house. Trish is making smoothies. RJ criticizes it but Roger tells him that women like men who take care of their bodies. Trish thinks it’s time they go on their dream vacation. She wants some excitement by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro but Roger would rather be on the beach. Trish thinks it’s time to dream big, go big, and get out of their comfort zone.

Roger is called away. Roger thinks casinos are useless. They run into Sarah who is only able to identify a custom design on the motorcycles. Riggs plays some roulette and places a bet with his cheque. Roger can’t watch, he warns him about his safety net but Riggs laughs it off. He lost it but he doesn’t care.

Sonya and Cruz are looking over security footage. Sarah didn’t actually see anything. A man claiming to be an insurance investigator meets with Sarah and pulls out a gun and shoots her. Roger and Riggs arrive to find her still alive. Riggs finds her son Ethan (Teo Briones) hiding in a closet.

Cahill checks in with them at the hospital. Sarah is about to go into surgery and won’t be conscious for 24 hours, leaving Ethan as their only witness. Roger tries to talk to Ethan but gets scared. Ethan wants to ride with Riggs to station because he has sirens and flashing lights. Ethan claims to have seen the same custom design and admits to being at the casino because his mom couldn’t find a babysitter. Ethan and Riggs bond over cheese puffs.

Sonya and Roger at bike shop. He tells her that he a was motorcycle guy since he was a fan of CHiPs. The owner tells them he puts the same design on all his motorcycles. Roger asks to buy one of them but the owner says he doesn’t look like a motorcycle guy. Roger brings up his love of ChiPs.

Ethan doesn’t want to go to foster care because he had an accident the last time. He wants to go with his aunt. Roger talks about ChiPs on the car ride and Ethan doesn’t care. His aunt can’t take him. Roger thinks something is going on. He sees bike tracks. Riggs tells Ethan to stay in the car. Roger goes back in and sees a casino chip near door. Riggs follows and a shootout ensues. Afterwards, Ethan is on the porch and gets sad after Riggs yells at him but then hugs him.

Roger interrogates the suspect. Avery comes in and stops him from hurting him. Ethan is shown a lineup where he can’t identify the person who shot his mom. Roger is home early. Trish wa right about adventure so he wants a motorcycle. She thinks its dangerous and silly and that he’s not the motorcycle type.

Avery with the suspect’s lawyer. Ethan is running around. Avery still needs to call foster care about him. Roger gets his motorcycle. The owner says he looks like guy who can’t ride. Roger sees a picture of the casino owner on a wall. Riggs takes Ethan to his trailer. Ethan notices the alcohol and thinks of his father and a picture of Miranda.

Ethan admits that didn’t see the man who shot his mom but heard his voice and that he’s sorry for stringing them along. Cahill calls Riggs to check in on Ethan since he was supposed to drive him to foster care. Cahill claims they can’t keep him anymore and that maybe foster care is better for him. Riggs volunteers to drive him there.

Sonya finds connection between the casino owner and the motorcycle shop, a man named Billy Gottlieb (Kurt Yaeger). The previous lawyer meets with him and tells him that the suspect the police have wants money to stay quiet and that they have a boy as a witness.

Ethan is upset when Riggs drops him off at foster care. He goes back to his truck and grabs his flask. Billy is at foster care and posing as a cop so he can get to Ethan. Ethan hears him and runs to Riggs’ truck. When Riggs gets back to his trailer, he sees Ethan in the back of his truck. Ethan claims that he heard guy who killed his mom.

Avery calls Riggs about Billy and that they should wait until Roger arrives. The bikers are already there. Riggs puts Ethan in the fridge and tells him to count to 100 while he takes the bikers on. Roger is on the way on his new motorcycle. He takes them all out and by the time Ethan gets to 100, Riggs opens the door and takes him out. Riggs tells him to close his eyes as they walk through. Unfortunately, Billy is not dead but Roger arrives just in time to take him out. Riggs says he didn’t take Roger as the motorcycle type.

Roger brags to the others at the station, saying it was just like CHiPs. Cruz doesn’t know anything about ChiPs. Avery asks about the motorcycle and he says that Trish said he can use it on Sundays when it’s sunny. Riggs brings Ethan back to his mom at the hospital. Riggs tells him that he will visit.

Riggs gives Cahill the cheque to give to them. She thinks he’s had a breakthrough. Riggs gets food. Roger and Trish ride the motorcycle. Riggs puts cheese puffs in a special place. Roger thanks her for the motorcycle. Rj picks them up when Roger underestimated the size of the gas tank.

Overall, this was still a good episode despite the cliche subplot where Ethan was just used for Riggs to take a look at himself. The chemistry between Riggs and Ethan made them fun to watch. It was fun but the main plot didn’t really go anywhere and we didn’t really learn anything new.

Score: 7.5/10

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