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Guest WriterFebruary 7, 2017

When you ask the DC fans why they prefer DC Comics over Marvel, one if the most common answer will be that their villains are much better. It is an undeniable fact that every good story with a well-written hero also needs an at least as well written villain. The hero’s main goal is to stop the villain and therefore the “hero” term only exists if there is an opposite for that. People with special abilities only become heroes when there is a villain they must stop which means that every hero is created by a villain. And that is the reason why the villains are so important because the whole plot of every comic is based on their actions and they are the motivation for the hero to act. With all this clarified let’s see how the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow treats its very important villains.

The episode starts with Damien Darhk narrating the intro about how he met his two fellas and why do want the Spear of Destiny. Unfortunately, they are not even close to the spear since they lost the amulet in the last episode which is the key to finding this mysterious item. The only thing The Legion of Doom has is overly paranoid, memory wiped Rip Hunter who calls himself Phil. So, Eobard Thawne “kindly” asks Darhk and Merlyn to get every information out of their prisoner and they eventually end up ripping out Rip’s tooth which leads them to a bank in Switzerland in 2025 where his old memories are stored. However, working together goes not without flaws after some shit talking and nearly killing each other Malcolm and Damien start to question their position in the “team” and try to find out why Thawne needs them even though he is much stronger than they are.

In the meantime, back on the ship, the Legends are looking for a way to connect the ancient amulet with Gideon and as Dr. Stein suggested they go back to 2017 and pick up his daughter who happens to be an aberration. She solves their problem but someone “accidentally” tells Lily that she is not what she thinks she is which leads to a family conflict. Back at the bad guys after an unsuccessful attempt to get into Rip’s safe Malcolm and Damien go to the bank and get Rip’s memories and kill everyone in the process. Shortly after Thawne arrives at the bank Malcolm locks the three of them into the safe to finally find out why the Reverse Flash needs them. It turns out that he is not supposed to exist after his ancestor killed himself back in The Flash season 1 and therefore he is constantly being hunted by “zombie Zoom” who is called Black Flash in the comics if I am correct. The three manage to lose Thawne’s hunter for a time and start to act as a real team by treating each other as equals.

As I have mentioned at the beginning the villains are very important part of every comic story and Legends of Tomorrow did not pay enough attention to its villains up until this episode. It was necessary to see how the Legion of Doom operates since they are ones that are looking for the spear in the first place. It was already clear that there are problems between Thawne and the other two but the conflict between Malcolm and Damien was even bigger. Also, it was time to bring Reverse Flash to a more human level, this was the first time I have noticed the fear in his eyes. I feel that the Legion of Doom has already more potential than Vandal Savage had and they are much more enjoyable to watch than he was. The conflict between Martin and Lily is clearly just a side story and it won’t really come up in the next episodes, maybe they got the spear and they decide to change reality so that Lily still lives after time is fixed.

Altogether this episode was most likely the best of season 2 and I hope that they will keep paying attention to the villains in the upcoming episodes. I also want to see more scenes with Mick and make something with his storyline. In the last season, it was a major plot twist that he turned out to be Chronos but he has not delivered us a lot since then.

Score: 8.5/10

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