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If you would like to read my review of the last episode, click here.

Keith NoakesFebruary 7, 2017

If you would like to read my review of the last episode, click here.

Synopsis: Alex attempts to convince Owen there’s a traitor among them; the recruits escort an asset with a death wish out of Germany; the terrorists use a new method to receive information from the hostages. (IMDB)

Writer: Logan Slakter

Director: Kenneth Fink

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

It took 11 episodes but the terrorists have left the building. Like how last week’s episode focused on what was going on outside, we got back to the terrorists, or at least so called terrorists as we learned that they weren’t really the bad guys after all. They knew that the summit they took over would have operatives from many countries and what better way to pick them out by interrogating them and then taking them out.

They were looking for members of the AIC but we already knew who they were, or at least we think we do 9 months after the past timeline, but they didn’t. It was suspenseful thinking that they might get to them but they probably weren’t anyway. Will, Ryan, and another terrorist were there to conduct the interrogations, all with different intentions. Will wanted to get rid of the few bad operatives to save millions, Ryan wanted to do the same but he saw the hostages more as people, and the other guy just wanted to kill them. There was a battle that Ryan and Will, with the help of Alex ultimately won out, leading it to the terrorists and the hostages leaving the building. We still don’t know who all of them are so there will at least be that mystery moving forward.

This episode offered the best past timeline story so far this season. Owen, now a broken man after learning the truth about Lydia and the AIC, refuses to acknowledge the truth about what happened despite all of Alex’s attempts otherwise. She tried to convince him that his daughter was no longer his daughter to try and get him on her side to help build a case against them. For help, she reunited with Shelby who was also left out of the loop from Nimah’s undercover work with Leon.

Owen was still loved Lydia and he did not want to betray her so he wanted proof before he did anything. She was making a considerable accusation which would have torn down his family even more than it already was. She was sorry but he didn’t want her to be sorry, he wanted her to be right. As a result, she would follow Owen around, almost making him uncomfortable.

The lesson this week was exfiltration and we learned the story of a woman named Helen Sharp working at a bank that Owen recruited in Germany who tracked dirty money coming out of Russia. He was supposed to get her out of Germany but he failed, causing her death. He was determined to not have his recruits make the same mistakes he did. Their mission was to go to Germany and exfiltrate another worker at an IT company. Little did they know, that man was actually one of Owen’s aliases.

He did not make it easy for them since Owen actually used his real name which was well known by German authorities who would inevitably be looking for him. He also disappeared to make things even more difficult. Of course it didn’t last long since Alex found him rather quickly but not before the authorities showed up. Ryan was there and called Dayanna and Leon for backup but they were called on another mission on their AIC phones to assassinate some German woman coming home from work. Ryan had to choose and chose to save Alex since her life was more important to him. He saved Alex and Owen from being captured.

Owen did all of this to himself because he felt guilty and wanted to be punished. Alex convinced him that helping her investigation would help to rebuild his career. The last hurdle was Helen’s upset son Daniel (Nolan Gerard Funk) who Owen called. He was waiting in Owen’s hotel room with a gun but they were able to talk him down and he left.

Dayanna and Leon have been taking turns at being weak and it was Leon’s turn as he compromised their other mission, believing that it was wrong to kill the woman on her way home from work. Dayanna informed Lydia on the phone and she said he would not be there much longer which we know doesn’t happen. Harry and Sebastian’s relationship hit a snag as Harry moved out of their room.

Shelby was able to connect several suspicious deaths around the world to some of Lydia’s missions and that was proof enough to convince Owen to help Alex’s investigation. He gave her coded correspondence between her and the recruits but he still was hesitant in helping her. They could have maybe made a case but his involvement would be a greater help to them.

Overall, this was a great episode which finally got the terrorists out of the building but we still don’t know who they all are. We know who the bad guys are but we don’t know much about them yet. There is still some investigating left and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.


Score: 8.5/10

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