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The Expanse Season 2 Episode 5: Home Review

I could write about many things now. I could write about what makes a story great, what you feel after a great story, but no. Let’s talk about spoilers. We all can agree that spoilers are annoying. But they are also evil. One can easily take away a great story from you by spoiling it, even if it’s unintentional. Why am I talking about this now? Because if you haven’t seen The Expanse yet, you are about to spoil yourself a great story. So, you haven’t seen the last episode then I would like to ask you to stop reading now! It’s not worth it. Or to keep it short: Spoiler Alert!

The episode starts off with Eros, still flying towards Earth. We get a small scientific explanation about how it is possible but it still goes against the laws of physics. However, this does not change the fact that a collision with Earth could easily wipe out the human population. As Eros starts to accelerate towards the planet, Miller enters the station to blow it up with his malfunctioning nuke, while the UN launches half of its nuclear weaponry to protect the Earth. Eros enters stealth mode and disappears from the radars so it’s up to Holden and the rest of the crew to guide the missiles. Unfortunately, they cannot keep up with the station and Earth’s fate falls into Miller’s hands, who believes that Eros is controlled by Julie Mao. He returns to the room where he found Julie’s body, discovering that she is not only alive but in control of Eros. Miller tells her that she would kill everyone if the station hits Earth and convinces her to change Eros’ course that eventually crashes into Venus.

I really like how the Rocinante’s operated in the last few episodes. They work with profession and dedication towards their goal (like the Martians). Holden acts like a real captain and it seems like everyone on the ships knows his/her duties. It was entertaining to watch them following Eros and doing everything they can to stop it. But even if they were good in this episode, they were not the most important.

Oh, Pampaw… I don’t know what to say. His love for Julie completely changed him. Even though it might not be completely normal to fall in love with someone you haven’t met before, it has happened before in other pieces of literature. Miller has gone through a serious character development and it was great to watch his journey. The scene when he founds Julie and decides to stay with her was simply beautiful. The visual quality of that scene was exceptional and the whole atmosphere of their conversation was so warm. You could feel that Miller was in the place he wanted to be and that is next to Julie. I do not know if his story has ended with this episode (no book spoilers please), but he left us with some hint for his return. But even if not and this was the end of his journey, I am totally fine with that because going out like this was what Miller deserved.

Overall, this episode gave me way more than I’ve expected, it was truly and outstanding episode. As a big fan of Battlestar Galactica, I can say that this show is about to become as legendary as BSG is. Most of the TV shows keep episodes like these for the end of the season but The Expanse did it really well and I have the feeling that they will keep themselves to this high standard.

Score: 9.5/10

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