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JasonFebruary 27, 2017

The war for control of Nassau is far from over as the events of this episode of Black Sails provide that very notion. Alliances are being torn apart, characters are being divided, and the decisive moments that will shape Nassau’s future are inching ever so closer with the coming tide. This episode didn’t have a whole of action (another buildup episode), but it was still filled with plenty of good character moments and some juicy dialogue scenes from its various cast of main characters.

The majority of this episode was focused on Silver’s inner turmoil, where he was torn between two ideas (following Flint and his plan or following Billy and his plan). To make matters worse for him is that Madi, Silver’s lover / companion has chosen Flint’s side, suggesting that Eleanor’s deal is the best course of action for them current situation and for the future of Nassau as well as hinting (to Silver) that either Flint or Billy must be vanquish (presumably Billy). While Silver complicates the both outcomes, perplexed on which side he must ultimately chooses, Israel Hands confronts him and basically straightens out the would-be Pirate King into picking one side. It was definitely quite a moment as Hands isn’t exactly a Flint or a Billy, but he’s a more about man of action. He’s willing to follow Silver and be his right man, but he’s not there for counsel (much like Flint and Billy are). This, of course, propels the idea that Silver must start acting on his own attentions, which will probably make him act independently (without Flint and Billy’s counsel) for the remainder of the season.

Meanwhile, Eleanor, sending word to Woodes’s ship (which is still pushing forward into Nassau’s port) about her current arrangement of leaving Nassau for the remains of the Urca cache, gets dismissed by her husband, who is blinded by his own pride ignores her arrangement and ventures to the port city of Havana for reinforcement. This is kind of an interesting turn of events, seeing Eleanor being pushed aside by a man once again (i.e. her father, Flint, Charles Vane, Mr. Scott) and now by Woodes Rogers. Now Woodes, pleading his cases to the Spanish governor of Havana, request that Spain assist him to retake Nassau. Personally, I was wondering when they (the people behind Black Sails) were going to reintroduce Spain back into the main story as it now looks like its going they (Spain) are going to be part of the season’s endgame conflict.

The last ten minutes of the episode was filled with some pretty intense moments, leading to some big revelations and shocking moments. Basically, with his mind made up, Silver leads Billy into a death trap and ultimately betrays him, figuring out Billy’s angle in this whole game of chess (i.e. Billy, Silver, and Flint alliance). In a nutshell, Hands fights Billy and almost kills him, but Silver stays Hand’s hand (haha…I made a pun) and orders Billy to be locked up. It will be interesting to see what becomes of Billy Bones (he’s been brutally cast aside by Silver) and I’m curious to see if any of his men will try and free him or just simply follow Silver. The very last scene of the episode sees Woodes’s ship heading towards Nassau, with vast army of Spanish ships at his side. Damn…. Nassau is about to become a bloodbath!

Adding to intension of the episode’s final moments was the reappearance of Jack Rackham, who said he escaped Woodes’s men from the last episode and now have arrived back on the island away from the port). Flint, traveling with Eleanor and several of her men to location away from the fort to receive the Urca cache (which was ruse setup by Silver and Flint and accidentally find Jack) then informs him (Jack) of the current situation (the agreement of the Urca cache and Flint being Eleanor’s prisoner for the moment), but Jack doesn’t know what to make of it, feeling that Woodes (seeing his violence and pride first hand) knows that Woodes is returning to Nassau with ravenous mind for blood. I am curious to see what happens to Jack and which side he will choose in the coming fight. However, the more important question is…. what about Anne Bonny? Where was she in this episode? I know she was badly hurt in the last episode, but I kind of need to know if she’s alive or not. I’m still hoping she’s alive.

Episode XXXIII of Black Sails saw Eleanor’s arrangement crumble and ultimately fall apart, but not from the pirates as Woodes Rogers refuses to agree to his wife’s request. This coincided with the Billy’s plans to control Silver (who now is acting on his own volition and plans). Now, with the division between Silver and Billy, Eleanor and Flint (presumably) on their own for a time (will they ever get the Urca cache), Jack Rackham who is still trying to make sense of their current situation, and Woodes arriving in Nassau with the mighty of Spain’s forces, war is coming to Nassau and the battle for it is far from over. Super excited to see the next episode…. it’s going to be “bloody” brilliant…. I’m hoping.

Score: 8.0 / 10

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