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Duck Duck Goose – A Lame Duck (Guest Review)

Does this latest movie in children’s animation soar to new heights or is it a flightless (and boring) lame duck of a feature? Advertisements


Super Troopers 2 – The Mustaches Ride Again (Guest Review)

Back in 2001, the comedian group of guys who went by the stage name of “Broken Lizard” released their sophomore feature length film Super Troopers. While Super Troopers only made a very mild splash during its box office run, which is not bad considering the movie made roughly […]

Chappaquiddick – Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction (Guest Review)

The Kennedys have always been a subject to talk about and to marvel over. It’s also been said that the Kennedy family has been cursed, with the family facing many tragedies that have stained and lined their legacy’s path. Now, Hollywood gears up for a new cinematic tale on […]

I Can Only Imagine – The Untold Story Behind The Beloved Song (Guest Review)

Lionsgate (and Roadside Attractions) and directors Jon and Andrew Erwin present the newest Christian religious drama film with the movie I Can Only Imagine, based on the true story of Bart Millard (the lead singer of the Christian music group MercyMe). Does this feature find its religious stride […]

The Star – A Wholesome But Limited Animated Film (Guest Review)

The nativity story that inspired Christmas has been told and retold in various mediums and media, including children’s books, animated specials, and live-action feature films. Now, Sony Pictures Animation and director Timothy Reckart presents a new spin to the classic Nativity Story with the animated film The Star. […]

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