TV ReviewsQuantico Season 2 Episode 14: LNWILT Review

Keith NoakesMarch 21, 2017

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Synopsis: In the wake of the G-20 hostage crisis, President Claire Haas assembles an illegal and clandestine joint task force, bringing together Alex and her friends from both the FBI and CIA to unmask a global conspiracy.  (Quantico Wiki)

Writers: Joshua Safran and Gideon Yago

Director: Norman Buckley

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

That was a weird one month absence but now Quantico is back again. The show has definitely changed since we saw it last. This episode took this season in a different direction as President Haas’s team made up of Alex and the gang took on their first mission to investigate the collaborators of the conspiracy involving the stolen data off the drives and those using the information for their benefit.

It’s a new team so there were the obvious problems. Because everyone was familiar with one another, they brought their own personal problems with them. Alex and Ryan were awkward around each other from their breakup. Shelby is angry with Nimah for helping the AIC. The leader of the team happened to be Caleb’s brother Clayton (Hunter Parrish) and he wasn’t over her affair with his father. When you thought there was enough animosity in the group, Hall was brought back from prison to try and bring the group together but he still had some ill will towards Alex for putting him in that position in the first place.

It’s kind of funny that they are all back to where it all started this season at the CIA farm (I guess they wanted to save on their budget). Some characters returned and some were seeing it for the first time which was weird but they are no longer there to learn, at least in the literal sense. The team was in disarray on their first day which was why Hall was brought in. Hall gave them their first clue which was to follow the money, leading them to their first op: dress up as high rollers to infiltrate a party and see which investors in some shorted stock were likely to have profited the most off of a plane crash where they believed the stolen data, or cache, was used.

We’ve seen this act before, seeing them dressed up and talking up the crowd but their inexperience as a team showed here where it seemed that they may have missed a step. In this case, their mission was unsuccessful as the investors’ shady dealings had nothing to do with the conspiracy or the AIC and all they had was evidence of a ponzi scheme. They did not leave empty handed, however, as during the mission, Alex ran into Harry who was on a mission of his own.

He was kicked out of MI6 shortly after G20 incident. He was perhaps hoping that he could maybe make up for it for it with his heroic actions but unfortunately since the U.S. covered up the incident, he no longer had the chance which was why he was doing it on his own. If anything, we got to see the two of them kiss in order to avoid getting caught. He did help to point out a pattern within the financial firm involving an independent investor who appeared to profit off of terrorist attacks. So now they have their first collaborator.

There were still other things going on in the episode. Leon was being paranoid in thinking that someone was out to kill him and the people from their CIA class and calling and texting Alex and Dayanna. They just believed that what happened earlier at the G20 got to him somehow and he wasn’t over it. He strongly believed that he was right and even dismissing evidence proving otherwise. He believed that Keyes shouldn’t be trusted because he was in on the conspiracy too. It wasn’t clear whether or not he was right but seeing him get beaten, drugged, and kidnapped proved that he may have well been right.

The team’s mission may have run even less smoothly as they thought as Ryan posed as a trader at a financial firm where he interacted with a friend of a mark who happened to be a reporter. She seemed suspicious of him then and decided to look him up and she found out his real name and maybe his true identity.

Overall, this was a new direction for this season after being bogged down with the terrorist subplot for so long. It is different but I’m not sold on where it is going. Alex and Ryan usually alternate between being together or not being together, I wish they would choose one and stick with it long enough. I am curious to see where the rest of the season leads.

Score: 7.5/10

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