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Keith NoakesApril 18, 2017

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Synopsis: Clay meets the President to discuss the future of the task force, but is interrupted by his brother. Meanwhile, Alex leads an operation to expose the Collaborators’ plans to sink the President’s reputation, and teaches Owen to trust his instincts.  (IMDB)

Writer: Justin Brenneman

Director: David McWhirter

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

There was just something about this episode that was different from the others. Ever since the task force to combat the collaborators was created, Clay was always in a leadership role but this episode was different. Maybe because he was feeling overwhelmed or he was afraid of failure, he calls a meeting with his mother who is also the President  but is surprised when Caleb is also there. Clay was ready to give up his fight but they convinced him that since his methods aren’t working then he should try something different.

Perhaps in giving up, Clay called Felix (Jon Kortajarena) to arrange a meeting with Roarke. Clay thought they should work together but instead Roarke wanted Clay to work for him. Roarke told him what he thought about America and democracy and how nothing has changed after 250 years. His definition of democracy had changed and thought that people should let their elected officials work in their best interest which was going against what he was doing with President Haas but no one elected her. 

While he was gone, Alex was leading the charge in more ways than one. Owen was feeling down after their last mission together so she took it upon herself to get him to start believing in himself again by putting him through the rigors. With Clay gone, she also took charge of the mission.

When the team got wind of a plan to create civil arrest in one of five American cities, it was up to the team to figure out which city. They eventually figured out that the target was Cleveland was facing prison for using an unregistered weapon to protect his family from a would be burglar. The problem was that this executive order was passed by President Haas back when she was the Vice-President. The collaborators would try to frame a narrative where she was responsible and thus continue to undermine her presidency.

The mission for Alex, Shelby, and Raina (no one knew they had switched) was to figure out how the collaborators were influencing the trial in order for there to be a guilty verdict. The problem for them was that Miranda was in charge of the FBI detail in Cleveland. She wasn’t exactly thrilled to see them, assuming that they were up to something.

She didn’t want any part of it since she was trying to go legit after what happened back at the G20. The funny thing about that was that she immediately noticed Raina when no one else could which would make sense considering their experience together from last season. They would have to work behind her back but she eventually tagged along. They talked to the jurors but it was the judge who was bribed in forcing the jurors to come up with a verdict.

Once they figured this out, it was too late and the jury came up with a guilty verdict. We later learned that it was Roarke’s plan to rally the unruly people to his cause. Clay figured out this plan as well so he brought President Haas to Cleveland and she gave a great speech that appeared to calm the people down and rally them to her thus putting an end to the collaborators’ plan.

Their investigation into the collaborators wasn’t the only one going on. We learned that Sebastian was doing the same on his own. He wasn’t doing anything sinister and had nothing to do with what happened. He broke into the farm when Owen was there and they fought with Owen using his instincts and coming out on top. Sebastian had learned about the task force and wanted to know if they were on the same side which they were. He gave them the remaining four collaborators for their board. When he had Harry, he let him go and told him to run. Where to, who knows?

Ryan was still looking into Sasha so he put a bug in her room. She found it and lured him to a meeting to tell him. He still didn’t trust her so she gave him a key to her house and allowed him to search it but the keychain had a bug of its own. He found it but not before she heard some of his conversation with Owen. She had been doing some research on her own into this and near the end of the episode, offered to help Ryan by telling him what she found but she had to chase a lead first. As she went to her car, it obviously exploded.

Also near the end of the episode, President Haas visited the farm to thank the team for their hard work and then Shelby visited Clay. She was glad he stayed. Caleb was also there and he threatened her to stop whatever she had going on with Clay. Alex and Owen were growing even closer. Raina stopped hiding. Roarke asked Felix to look into what Clay was doing or he would deport him.

Overall, this was a better episode with Alex in charge. Priyanka Chopra and Blair Underwood has great chemistry together here which made them fun to watch as did Johanna Braddy and Hunter Parrish. I wonder how Caleb is going to play into that. With all the collaborators in the open and their plan seemingly clear, there are 4 more episodes to see how it will all play out. Let’s just hope it’s all worth it.

Score: 8/10

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