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Keith NoakesApril 27, 2017

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Synopsis: Just when Peus’ iron grip seem inescapable to Olivia and everyone she holds dear, a shocking threat to the White House turns everything on its head. (IMDB)

Writers: Severiano Canales and Ameni Rozsa

Director: Nzingha Stewart

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

Peus and Ruland (Samantha’s real name. She only used that name with Rosen.) have reaped havoc this season but we’re finally seeing some resolution with them because face it, this wasn’t going to go on all season.

Eli is safe under Fitz’s custody but he doesn’t quite see it that way. He was adamant that they were underestimating this current threat and that they would get him eventually. He thought the better choice was to run. Fitz and Eli haven’t exactly seen eye to eye this series and this was further exemplified in this episode.

Abby was still feeling guilty for her involvement with Peus and Ruland and not everyone has forgiven her for it, especially Quinn since her action put Huck at risk a few episodes earlier. Speaking of Huck and Quinn, after working together for so many years, they’ve developed a close relationship and seeing Huck on the brink of death brought out a deluge of feelings within Quinn that left Charlie confused. They were about to get married but he was seeing Quinn cozy up with Huck. He disappeared for a while but Quinn found him near the end of the episode and reconfirmed her love for him.

Back to Peus and Ruland, they were very imposing with their wishes for the Presidency, wanting control over Cabinet choices and the Vice Presidency. The problem for them was that Mellie already picked Jake as her Vice President. Something had to be done about that and for that, Peus visited Olivia and demanded that she convince Jake to resign so Mellie could pick him as Vice President, threatening to release pictures of him cleaning up North’s murder. Olivia was undeterred since releasing the photos would also hurt Mellie. She still convinced Jake to resign, thinking that he would be a greater help as the head of the NSA, like before.

Ruland and Mellie visited the White House, however, Fitz already knew who Ruland was and what she did but it didn’t matter to her. Before they had the chance to get to anything, they were escorted into a bunker because of a bomb threat. The bomb threat was a drone that Huck was piloting over the White House. It was just a ruse to lure Ruland into a bunker so the rest of the gang can plot strategy against Peus and Ruland.

Cyrus suggested that Mellie pick him for Vice President. Olivia asked that Eli be brought in for help. He admitted to killing Vargas in front of Cyrus which left him, and everyone else who didn’t already know, shocked. Eli wanted to hear from Fitz that he needed his help and when he finally did, he decided not to help them. This was followed by Eli giving one of his big speeches, telling everyone how much they were losers and getting under Fitz’s skin in the process. Kudos to Joe Morton for chewing the scenery once again. Mellie let Defiance slip, thinking that it started there.

The group then broke off with Cyrus and Eli having a good time in the wine cellar. Remember that Eli admitted to killing Vargas so Cyrus wasn’t going to take it lightly so when he saw an opening, Cyrus tried to kill Eli, however, Eli sensed him first and stopped him. Rosen was a little unsure of himself as all the women he’s dated turn out to be bad people. Fitz gives him a pep talk, telling him that there’s nothing wrong with him. Fitz is the same type of person and if he wasn’t, all of this wouldn’t have happened. Olivia didn’t want to give up. Jake thought it was about Fitz but Olivia just wants to save everyone. She’s saved everyone else and now it was Mellie’s turn. Walker cheers up Mellie.

Jake was fed up with what they were doing and he wanted them to confront Peus and Ruland head-on. It was Mellie’s decision and she agreed to fight back by naming her own Vice President. She reached out to Cyrus but he didn’t want it. Instead she she picks Vargas’ widow Luna, once a critic of Mellie’s. Ruland watched the announcement from a TV in the bunker and she was angry.

When the door finally opened, Olivia was there and Ruland was arrested. Olivia made one of her great speeches, telling Ruland that she was Mellie’s new Chief of Staff and that no one can take Olivia Pope because Olivia Pope takes them. Of course it isn’t over but Olivia and Abby are ready for a fight.

Overall, this was another great episode that was full of suspense and tension. While the episode slowed down in the middle during the plotting, what elevated it as a whole were the performances of Kerry Washington, Darby Stanchfield, Tony Goldwyn, and especially Joe Morton as always. Let the real games begin.

Score: 9/10

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