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Keith NoakesAugust 13, 2017

If you would like to read my review of the last week’s episode, click here.

Synopsis: Daenerys demands loyalty from the surviving Lannister soldiers; Jon heeds Bran’s warning about White Walkers on the move; Cersei vows to vanquish anyone or anything that stands in her way. (IMDB)

Writer: Dave Hill

Director: Matt Shakman

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 59mins

The last episode started with an epic battle sequence (you can read more about it hereso it’s only fitting that this episode start where than left off. The last shot showed Jamie in jeopardy while avoiding being burned alive. That was obviously not going to be the last we were going to see of him as this episode started with him emerging from the river. Now that he’s finally gotten a glimpse of the other side, he was beginning to reconsider where he stood. He then went to Cersei with his concerns but she still didn’t seem worried. They spoke about Tyrion and Jamie told her the truth about what happened to Joffrey.

Meanwhile, Daenerys was testing the loyalty of the remaining Lannister soldiers. These soldiers wisely bent the knee with the exception of the Tarlys. Randall’s pride did not allow him to bend the knee and his loyal son, Dickon, followed him and they both subsequently burned to death (I guess Sam’s in charge). Tyrion tried to convince her to take a much less drastic approach, not wanting her to become her father but she didn’t listen. He voiced his concerns to Varys and he believed that it wouldn’t happen with good council.

Bran warged into a raven and saw the White Walkers and the Night King approaching, prompting them to send ravens including one to the Citadel. Sam overheard their conversation about it and he told them all about Bran and his exploits. He thought they should listen to him and take the threat more seriously but they thought it was more likely a ploy. They also got news of what happened to Sam’s family, however, they hadn’t told him yet. Sam eventually got frustrated with his lack of progress and left the Citadel with Gilly, taking a bunch of scrolls with him.

Once Daenerys returned to Dragonstone, her dragon got cozy with Jon and he seemed unfazed which surprised her (I know the theories). Jorah returned and Daenerys was definitely happy to see him. Jon got a scroll telling him that Bran and Arya were alive and that Bran saw the Night King. Daenerys couldn’t help him so Tyrion suggested that they should bring her a soldier to prove that the White Walkers were real. Jorah volunteered to go along with Jon beyond the wall.

The northern lords were becoming restless and were becoming fonder of Sansa but she tried to assure them that Jon was still their king. Arya accused her of wanting this because she wanted Winterfell to herself which she of course denied.

Davos smuggled Tyrion into King’s Landing so he could talk to Jamie in a great scene. Jamie was surprised to say the least and the meeting was emotional. Tyrion shared Daenerys’ terms as they both knew he didn’t have a chance. Jamie went back to Cersei, telling her about the terms and she was interested, if only as another tactic. She also revealed that she was pregnant. While that was happening, Davos plucked Gendry out of Flea Bottom and he was ready to go. On their way out, Davos tried to bribe the guards but Gendry just ended up beating them with his trusty hammer. Gendry and Jon’s first meeting at Dragonstone was fun to watch and he offered to join Jon on his mission. Jorah and Tyrion had a moment and Tyrion gave him his lucky coin.

Arya was following Littlefinger around while he was being shady. He got a note from the Winterfell Maester and was assured that it was the only one. When Arya lockpicked her way into his room, she found out that the note was the one that Sansa wrote to Robb when she was held hostage by the Lannisters at King’s Landing (I didn’t know what it said the first time but read this online). We know the context but Arya doesn’t so maybe this was just a ploy by him to play both sisters against each other. Seeing him lurk in the background after Arya leaves his room proves it.

When Jon and the gang arrived at Eastwatch, they found the Hound and the rest of the Brotherhood. They were trying to do the same thing they were but it took some time for them to realize it, Jon needed men and they didn’t want to be in a cell anymore.

Overall, this was another great episode that gave us a nice change of pace while still advancing the story a great deal. Daenerys and Cersei are losing their way so it’s up to Tyrion and Jamie to steer them back in the right direction. That may be easier said than done for Jamie especially since he sees how it could all end for them but Cersei’s pride is clouding her better judgement. How will the White Walkers play into all of this? What is Littlefinger’s plan? Will Jon survive? There are still plenty of questions and I can’t wait for the next episode.

Score: 9.5/10

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If you’re into previews, here’s a preview of next week’s episode.



  • King of Punjab

    August 13, 2017 at 11:59 PM

    I also loved this episode. It served as a set up for next episode. I liked the conversation between Jon and Gendry. They think that their fathers were best friends but they were bitter enemies. Loved Gendry over here. We might never see young Robert but I think he would have been like Gendry. Also, Tyrion and Jaime reunion was heart warming
    Dickon and Randall Trarly died like a badass. His views are completely understandable
    And Westros Avengers assemble at the end. Loved that,

    What are your views on the fact that Lyanna and Rhaegar were married? I don’t know why but I find it distasteful. It becomes a standard love story that I don’t like. Also, Lyanna was getting married when her brother and father were gettting burned alive.

    What do you think about Westros expendables?

    • Keith Noakes

      August 14, 2017 at 12:05 AM

      I don’t watch the previews but I’ve seen the picture and they look cool. I hope they don’t give it too much time since there’s still so much left to do this season.

      • King of Punjab

        August 14, 2017 at 12:17 AM

        Only 2 episodes are left in this season and 9 overall. They will have to pace it even faster.
        Westros expendables remind me of this clip of GOT wish fullfilment

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