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Critics w/o CredentialsOctober 26, 2017

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Synopsis: The former interim CTO of E Corps returns. (IMDB)

Writer: Sam Esmail

Director: Sam Esmail

Rating: TV-MA

Runtime: 49mins

This episode brings us back to the events leading up to and beyond the 5/9 event from Tyrell Wellick’s point of view. This is an interesting perspective that helps fill in some of the gaps in plot and answer some of the many questions left after the season one finale and well into season two regarding the Dark Army’s overall plan for both Wellick and Elliot.

In the beginning, we are shown how Wellick and Mr. Robot come to work together on 5/9 and just how large of a scale the Dark Army’s plan is beyond Stage 1. As Stage 2 is starting to take shape, Wellick is forced into hiding to avoid capture from the police. With the wonderfully placed montage, we are shown the monotonous schedule that Wellick is forced to endure all while continuing to help the cause from afar by helping Elliot, his sister and FSociety move forward with the E Corps hack. It’s a very clever move to use this slow of a burn in revealing how all of these story threads interweave with one another, one that I fully admit bothered me during most of season two, but the wait was well worth it. Things are finally beginning to click into focus.

But the plan for Wellick doesn’t hold for long. Seeing that his wife has moved on without him, E Corps rallying to rectify the events of 5/9, Elliot in complete disarray and his inability to help Stage 2 become a reality, Tyrell starts to crack and attempts to leave the compound he was confined to. He is quickly picked up by local police and is immediately dealt to the FBI Agent that is presiding over the FSociety hacks and is subsequently attempting to subvert Agent DiPierro’s case against Elliot{WOW…that headshot!}.

Tyrell is quickly brought back under the thumb of the Dark Army via Irving’s care. Shortly after, he is released back into the world as Irving finds out that Elliot is about to be out of prison. Viewers will recognize this as the build up to the moment when Tyrell ends up shooting Elliot in season two. The story moves quickly past the things we already know, instead focusing on the conversation between Angela and Tyrell during Elliot’s surgery that explains the dual nature of Elliot and Mr. Robot. Where Tyrell stands after this, we will have to wait to find out, but it will definitely put his loyalty to the test as Stage 2 is still looming over the group to be completed.

From last week’s sizzle reel about this episode, it looked amazing and it definitely did not disappoint. It was nice to be able to see what took place among some of the main characters leading up to, during and after the 5/9 attack because previously we were left to wonder or hope that we would eventually be shown what happened. These scenes were exceptional and hit an even stronger point shown from Tyrell’s perspective. What remains even more surprising is just how well orchestrated and ominous the Dark Army’s plan is and no matter how much resistance it might be met with it continues to march forward.

The use of sound and music throughout each episode continuously amazes. In many ways, it is a character completely in and of itself. The best example of this was during the questionnaire scene with Mr. Williams and Wellick during which the teapot in the background grows increasingly louder until reaching a fever pitch that is unsustainable for both the characters in the scene and the viewer. The use of sound has been such a vital part in evoking an emotional response throughout this season. Whether creating tension, fear, chaos or simply playing over a montage, the sound has done such an excellent job of helping the audience feel the emotion of whatever character is on screen without having to use words and it’s become a segment to look forward to in each episode.

As we reach the quarter mark of this season, the story thus far has been interesting but very abnormal. Despite some minor hiccups, it has become increasingly more exciting as more of the questions that viewers have had since the beginning are slowly being answered. The wait is finally paying off and now that most of Elliot’s inner circle is aware of his dual personality it will be interesting to monitor how Mr. Robot’s world changes through the rest of the season.

Last week’s episode alluded to his displeasure and slight unraveling as a result of losing some of the control he had over Elliot and looking ahead it is safe to assume that someone close to him will ultimately fall victim to blind devotion to Stage 2. This season already has the feeling as if it’s building to something huge and we are on the steady climb upwards just before the coaster goes into freefall. In its third season, Mr. Robot has become a show that I blindly follow without questioning it because when everything settles we are left with a uniquely strong story that teeters on plausible and characters that are gripping to watch. That type of show is rare in this TV landscape and while this show is definitely an acquired taste, it seldom lets down.

Score: 8/10

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