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Trying my best to get all thoughts about TV and Film out of my head and onto the interweb.

American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 1: The End Review

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, Fall is closing in, major holidays are inching closer, schools are now in full swing, and another season of American Horror Story is premiering in hopes of capturing its past glory with fans. Advertisements


The Unseen – A Subversively Engaging Sci-Fi Film

The Unseen is a necessary summer watch that demands almost nothing from its viewer except patience which is rewarded by its slow descent into a sci-fi heavy narrative that becomes more and more fascinating with each passing scene. While not perfect, it still manages to provide the right […]

Upgrade – A Surprising Theater Experience

One of my favorite experiences when seeing a new movie is going in thinking you have the plot figured out and then it surprises you by going in a completely different direction.  When this works, it can be one of the best aspects of seeing movies, but when it […]

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