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Synopsis: An unexpected client arrives at QPA and needs an important case solved. Meanwhile, at the White House, Mellie prepares for the upcoming Nuclear Summit with President Rashad and Prime Minister Nazari. (TVGuide)

Writers: Ameni Rozsa & Austin Guzman

Director: Nicole Rubio

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43 mins

“Lost Girls” starts off with the third and hopefully final time we see the awkward love triangle of Fitz, Curtis and Olivia. Curtis quickly takes himself out of the situation prompting Olivia to ask Fitz why he is there. He wants her help on a case he’s working on with Marcus concerning missing girls, but Olivia doesn’t have time for Fitz and she leaves him in the hall.

At the White House, Mellie is getting close with President Rashad. There are some obvious sparks there, let love beat nuclear war! And Cyrus is still irked by the painting gesture by his new buddy Fenton. He thinks the best option is to just… give it back?

Marcus is working with QPA on the case of the missing girls. Apparently there’s 219 of them, but they feel like none of them can be the poster kid for their case because all of them are girls of colour so the world won’t pay as much attention. Getting back to the very real themes of Scandal. Olivia goes to Jake because she believes Fitz isn’t in DC just for the missing girls and forces Jake to look into it. Rowan meets with Fitz and tells him that the missing girls case isn’t what will bring Olivia back into the light, but Fitz himself. He is her salvation. And finally QPA is able to find a child for their case, Zoe Adams.

Cyrus goes to visits Fenton and return the painting, but he seems like an entirely different man. He’s charming, sincere. What is his angle? Fenton invites Cyrus in to try out some virtual reality and after Cyrus gets comfortable he starts to grill him and get a bit suggestive. But Cyrus freaks out and runs out.

Back at the White House, Olivia stops Marcus from checking up on Mellie, deflects from the missing girls and then asks about Vermont. After a chuckle over Fitz’ cold, white personality, Olivia is pushed to go back to the old office and look at the wall of victims. It breaks her heart seeing this and decides what is best is to get her mother in the news, use her as a voice for her daughter. The public will identify with a determined and distraught mother. On her way out she runs into Fitz who invites her out for a drink, but she’s concerned about the summit. Olitz sparks? 

And Olivia should be concerned about the summit. The prime minister of Dacal (Tony Amendola) starts attacking the whole concept of the summit. He says he misses Fitz’ tactics and perhaps Mellie used her lady charm to coerce Rashad into the summit. Rashad has heard enough and jumps to Mellie’s defense, prompting Olivia to pull Mellie aside and explain how it looks like personal bias.

Zoe’s mom and Fitz appear on Curtis’ show, but he attacks Fitz’ administration for not looking into this issue sooner. He decides to rant about the issues in the country, specifically on the topics of race and the press. Damn Fitz.

Mellie and Rashad discuss the summit over some drinks and some obvious sparks fly, but Rashad wants to get the treaty signed and wants nothing to ruin it so he leaves. She sits down with Cyrus and they talk about their romance problems. Cyrus doesn’t know what to do about Fenton, Mellie doesn’t know what to do about Rashad. They gossip and help each other out a bit.

As the summit talks continue, the two sides seem to be getting closer, but then things take a turn for the worst. Apparently rebels took the capital of Bashran and Rashad is no longer president. Uh oh. Olivia is furious how this could have happened, and Jake explains that B613’s resources were put towards tailing Fitz rather than on this important international matter. Mellie wants to reclaim Bashran for her new boo, but Olivia tells her to put the job before a man. HYPOCRITE. However, Mellie shuts it down saying that Rashad is in this position because of them and he was there to stop nuclear warfare so they should be in his corner. Get it Mellie, lay down the law.

Olivia returns home to drink her sorrows when who other than Fitz arrives at her door. He wants to talk about the missing girls, and Bashran and help however he can. She wants him to leave, but he can’t because she is here. OLITZ. He calls them the ultimate power couple and after the longest pause in the world she kisses him.

The next morning, Olivia brings two briefs to Mellie for what action to take where Mellie reveals her feelings for Rashad. However, she knows she can’t let feelings dictate her decisions and asks Olivia to let her make this one decision. Olivia looks like she doesn’t care, but explains her first plan is sending troops in to help Rashad reclaim his presidency. Then they have an empowering, bonding, strong woman moment.

What’s in the second folder? Turns out it’s a way to help find Zoe Adams and Quinn gets to go give her mom the good news. Cyrus finally decides what to do with the painting. He comes to Fenton’s and pays $20 for the painting as well as some home-school politics lessons. Cyrus is warming up him.

The episode ends with Jake discovering that Rowan visited Fitz and was the reason he returned to DC. Rowan returns to his office to find his prized dinosaur gone and Olivia there wanting answers.


  • What will Olivia do with Rowan?
  • How much of Fitz returning is because he actually wants to help Rowan?
  • Will Cyrus warm up to Fenton?
  • How will the Bashran conflict go?

Overall, this was an alright episode. It didn’t have the same monologues we expect or the same devotion to its themes of keeping real social issues as the focus of an episode, but instead seems to focus more on the sexual tension between its main characters. While a few stories do help push the drama forward, this is a very unmemorable, slow-paced story that misses the mark on some very important points it wants to make.

Score: 6.5/10

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