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Dylan S. Phillips

is a film fanatic and TV junkie from the mysterious land of Canada. He is an aspiring writer/director who hopes to make his mark on the industry one way or another, whether it be behind a camera or with a pen. When he isn’t watching hours upon hours of movies or writing scripts, Dylan can be found playing his guitar, avidly watching baseball or making YouTube videos for his channel The Film Fanatic.

The Titan – What Did I Just Watch?

The area of Netflix’s original lineup that has been the most controversial is their science fiction content. While shows (Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Altered Carbon, Lost in Space) have received rave reviews, their feature films (The Cloverfield Paradox, Spectral, Bright, Mute) have been less than well-received. Could The […]

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Review

13 Reasons Why is a very controversial show. On one side it depicts some very graphic and disturbing material that has caused some people to feel triggered watching the content, but on the other it has brought the very same issues that these themes and this story focuses […]