TV ReviewsHow to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Episode 6: Stay Strong, Mama Review

Keith NoakesNovember 3, 2017

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Synopsis: Annalise forges ahead with her class lawsuit and receives help from a former colleague. Meanwhile, Laurel continues to investigate her father’s company; Asher confronts Michaela about her odd behavior; details about Isaac’s past are revealed. (IMDB)

Writer: Morenike Balogun

Director: Cherie Nowlan

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

Things are starting to come together now. We delve a little deeper into Annalise’s psyche as her class action lawsuit is finally gaining some traction thanks to Connor. We may know why Wes was killed. And it wouldn’t be How to Get Away with Murder without relationship issues.

The episode starts off with Isaac confiding in his own therapist and ex-wife Jacqueline (Kathryn Erbe) about his problem with Annalise and Bonnie. She believed that Annalise should have a new therapist. He was committed to her and believed that he was the best person to help her. He thought there was another reason why she pushed everyone away and that was the loss of her baby. Isaac also brought up Sam and encouraged her to deal with her grief by writing him a letter.

She later learned that the DA’s office was threatening to seize Claudia’s home. Denver dismissed Bonnie’s theory about Annalise but now realized that he was wrong and apologized to her in front of the whole office. Isaac visited Bonnie at her office to check up on her to see if she found another therapist. She just wanted him to leave. Annalise asked a judge for an injunction to stop the home seizure. He questioned whether she was the right lawyer for the job and didn’t sign it.

Annalise then took her show to the Denver and the DA’s office and made a speech condemning them for taking the home of a poor family. Denver called security and she and Connor left on their own. Bonnie confronted Nate about lying to her about Annalise but he was protecting her. Connor may have found a new purpose with Annalise. His relationship with her was complicated. He hated her but when she made her speech in the DA’s office, he loved her. Oliver liked that he sounded happy.

After catching Michaela in a lie, Asher asked Frank for some advice and he suggested that Asher should talk to her. After she and Oliver attempted to access her computer, an emergency meeting was called at Caplan & Gold that needed Laurel’s father, leaving them worried. They called Laurel while she was at the doctor’s office where she also asked about getting a paternity test. They told her about her father’s arrival. He then called her to invite her to dinner.

Asher showed up at Caplan & Gold to surprise Michaela who wasn’t happy to see him. He confronted her about her lie but she told him a lie. The IT department were changing their security badges so now they had to find another way to get in. Asher surprised Laurel with a teddy bear and offered help with her pregnancy.

Annalise and Connor shared some ice cream while Laurel was having dinner with her father and Michaela was sharing a drink with Tegan. Connor shared what was going on with him and Annalise thought his father was wrong about Oliver and that he wasn’t the person that was right for him. Tegan complemented Michaela about her having a job and a relationship. Laurel’s father shared that they were about to become rich since the emergency meeting was about his company going public. He assured her that nothing bad was going to blow back onto her since he had taken care of any problems that may arise (I wonder what that means?).

Bonnie tried to use Denver’s polling numbers in low income districts to convince him to stop the home seizure which wasn’t about Annalise but because there was no need to play dirty anymore. Denver thought she was too emotional and reassigned her.

Michaela and Oliver urged her to quit but she doubled down, claiming that the company going public was the reason why Wes was killed. She wanted them to ruin the company before it went public. Later, Oliver learned that the data about Laurel’s father’s company Antares was being kept onsite and Tegan would have one of the security badges to access the server room. Michaela didn’t want to ruin her because of what she did for her.

They were not alone, however, as Asher’s teddy bear was also a listening device and he was listening to their whole conversation. He didn’t like being lied to, regardless of why, and left. He was looking for Frank but ran into Bonnie who he consoled after she was reassigned. Frank took his great LSAT score to Laurel, claiming that he did all of this for her and he could be a great father to her baby regardless of whether or not it was his

Annalise tried to write a letter to Sam but she couldn’t. She then opened up to Isaac about her baby, getting emotional and not liking the direction he was taking their conversation. She wanted to feel guilty but he thought she was stronger than she was giving herself credit for considering the circumstances. She even tried to kill herself. All these feelings were making her want to drink.

To combat the DA’s office, Annalise organized a press conference where Claudia’s son spoke about what was being done to him and his family. She also publicly announced her lawsuit. It worked as she stopped Claudia’s house from being seized. We later learned that Isaac was invested in Annalise and Bonnie’s loss since he experienced loss of his own, losing a daughter. Jacqueline also visited Annalise.

In flashforward news, while everything was happening, Annalise was sitting in the corner of a shower washing blood off.

Overall, this was another great episode where we learned that a major theme appears to be the loss of a child. Annalise and Bonnie have both been emotional about their lost children and we know that Laurel will lose hers. We also got some backstory on Isaac and learned why he cared so much because of his connection to Annalise and Bonnie. Annalise’s lawsuit and Laurel’s investigating are both gaining traction and it will be interesting to see how they will collide because we all know they will.

Score: 9/10

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