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Synopsis: Olivia and Mellie assert their power like never before. Meanwhile, Cyrus seeks congressional approval to declare war in Bashran; and QPA keep close watch on President Rashad’s niece. (TVGuide)

Writers: Serveriano Canales & Tia Napolitano

Director: Oliver Bokelberg

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43 mins

“Adventures in Babysitting” starts off with Olivia lecturing Rowan on the ideas of privilege and how he no longer has any. She tells him to deliver a message to Fitz, leave and never come back. Has Olivia hit the point of no return?

Back at the Oval, Mellie broadcasts a message on the Bashran revolution and supports President Rashad’s government. However, even Rashad questions whether or not that is a good idea. Mellie offers him asylum and gets QPA to take Rashad’s niece from Dartmouth. How much of this is Mellie thinking with her head versus her heart?

Olivia and Jake work some B613 magic and figure out a way to solve the Bashran issue, but before she can inform Mellie, Fitz has already spoken with Mellie and told her everything about Olivia. Mellie is not happy, she knows that whatever Olivia did can be pinned on her including the murder of Luna Vargas. Olivia won’t budge on B613 and what she has done, but neither will Mellie. Damn both of them got claws.

Glackland arrives at the White House to shadow Cyrus in all of his meetings where he looks like a bored teenager in class. Cyrus is trying to convince congress to agree to go to war, but apparently that doesn’t interest Glackland. Meanwhile, Rowan is dealing with an empty office where Olivia barges in and blames him for Fitz’ decisions. Again, they spar and again Olivia gives him nothing. Ruthless I tell you, just ruthless.

At this point Yasmin can’t handle the stress of the situation and goes MIA from QPA. Too bad they got rid of her phone. Jake sits Fitz down for a talk and tells him to leave, Olivia is a lost cause and he needs to realize that. But, Fitz doesn’t believe that and still sees light in her. Speaking of Olivia, she’s in bed with Curtis convincing him to bring Rashad on his show to promote supporting his government and getting the American people to help him.

After two days of Glackland sitting on his phone, Cyrus has had enough and snaps at him. That is until Glackland reveals he’s been crunching numbers on the war like he does with his business and this war is not a good product. Well no duh. At QPA, Huck has retrieved Yasmin and her girlfriend who she wanted to say goodbye to.

Cyrus goes to Olivia and informs her that Congress is split 50/50 and that his deciding vote would be a no. Don’t tell Olivia no. She tries to bargain with him, but he just doesn’t want war even if it means standing up to all of B613. Some Cyrus redemption! Olivia barges in on Fitz, trying to convince him to persuade Mellie or Cyrus and fix this for her, but he has a clear conscious and gave her back her White Hat.

At wits end, Mellie pleads that Rashad accept asylum in the United States so that he doesn’t die. He sees hiding as failure and he must be strong for himself and for her and then they FINALLY kiss. But, she cuts it short and he leaves. WHY MELLIE WHY. Olivia visits QPA to discuss what’s been going on, but before Olivia can pry for information Quinn decides to blab about the Yasmin situation and gives Olivia an idea. What does Olivia want? This will not end well.

Glackland and Cyrus celebrate a job well-done, and Cyrus even compliments Glackland saying he could have a job in politics. After that, they even share a kiss! This is a relationship we can get behind. Olivia goes to Mellie on the White House balcony and asks her what she wants. She wants Rashad, but she always wants the treaty. She wants the world to feel safe again, and Olivia tells her to consider it handled.

Mellie invites Rashad to the Oval where she informs him that he will be returning to Bashran via Turkey and that when he returns, he will be president. He moves towards her and explains how he is committed to both the treaty and to her. AW. But, she steps back and says they must do what is best for their countries. Meanwhile Quinn is laying down some law at QPA, telling Yasmin that her only way at having the life she wants is to go home with her uncle and help create change.

The episode ends with Mellie telling Fitz it’s time for him to go. She explains he’s no longer welcome at the White House and cuts the cord. Curtis breaks up with Olivia for her lack of human emotion. And finally Yasmin and Rashad getting on their plane to Turkey, but it blows up before it even leaves the ground. UM WHAT.


  • Who blew up the plane?
  • Will Fitz leave so easily?
  • Where will Cyrus and Fenton’s relationship go?
  • Does Rowan have any more tricks up his sleeve?
  • Will Olivia do something to Curtis for his remarks?

Overall, this was an alright episode. There were some good monologues here and there, but the story just seemed to drag. It was a lot of jumping back and forth between multiple stories without a lot of substance beyond the surface. Hopefully the cliffhanger sets up a very tension-filled episode next week.

Score: 6.5/10

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