TV ReviewsInhumans Season 1 Episode 7: Havoc in the Hidden Land Review

Keith NoakesNovember 4, 2017

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Synopsis: The Royal Family return to Attilan and come face to face with Maximus. (IMDB)

Writer: Quinton Peeples

Director: Chris Fisher

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 43mins

With seemingly nothing left to do on Earth, it’s time to take the fight to Attilan.

The episode starts off with the Royal family catching up with Maximus’ forces. Declan revealed that Maximus was invested in his research into terrigenesis and how it can be replicated. They figured out that the reason for everything was that Maximus wanted to undergo a second terrigenesis.

When it came to what to do next, Black Bolt and Medusa disagreed on the next step. She didn’t want any killing. Crystal teleported to Attilan to deliver a message to Maximus, asking for a parley between him and Black Bolt which he accepted. The others did not want to look weak but Medusa believed that they have gone through enough loss. Then they all went to the ocean where we learned that Triton was alive this whole time. This was all a secret plan between him and Black Bolt to lead Maximus to believe that he was successful.

At the Royal bunker, Medusa didn’t like be kept out of the plan. Black Bolt then sent Triton to wreak havoc across Atilan. Declan shared his research with Karnak. At the parley, Black Bolt proposed that he would allow Maximus to undergo a second terrigenesis with the help of Declan in exchange for their throne. He accepted and then recanted once he had Declan.

Maximus wanted to choose his own powers but Declan wasn’t sure how to do all of it or if it was even safe. Meanwhile, someone was attacking Attlian’s unprotected infrastructure. Medusa caught up with Black Bolt and she told them the story of when they first became friends. The person she saw then was the same person she was seeing today. After reading Declan’s research, Karnak was certain that he could bring Gorgon back to life through a second terrigenesis but he needed Auran’s DNA for help.

Crystal missed Dave and wanted to see him again. She had a glimpse of what could be a normal life and that’s what she wanted. After Karnak and Auran placed Gorgon in the chamber to perform a second terrigenesis, nothing appeared to happen. When Maximus arrived for his second terrigenesis, he was a little nervous and it wasn’t what he imagined it would be. No one was there to witness it. It didn’t feel like much of a victory. They stopped once they noticed Gorgon in the chamber and what appeared to be an earthquake was taking place.

Maximus began to flee to his appartment but Triton was there to take out his bodyguards before taking on Maximus and quickly disposing of him. He then woke up in the Royal bunker and went face to face with Black Bolt. The problem with killing Maximus was that he enacted a failsafe where the dome protecting Attilan would be destroyed if he were to die.

The episode ends with a very alive and angry looking Gorgon exiting the terrigenesis chamber.

Overall, this was simply more of the same. With only one episode left, why change at all? It may not have been as bad story wise as previous episodes but it was still pretty bad and there’s no way to take it seriously at this point. At least it’s over next week.

Score: 4.5/10

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