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JasonNovember 6, 2017

Wow! What an episode! Secrets revealed, a romance that stands upon an edge of a knife, and an ending twist that will propel the rest of season forward into a new territory. After a few episodes that didn’t move events along, this episode certainly was exciting and dramatic; testing the relationship of Claire and Jamie in several big moment events.

Synopsis: Claire returns to Lallybroch with Jamie, where she does not receive quite the reception she was expecting; the choices Jamie made during their time apart comes back to haunt them. (IMDB)

Writer: Joy Blake

Director: Jennifer Getzinger

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 64mins

After the events of what happened in Edinburgh, the episode opens up with Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian arriving back in Lallybroch and are greeted by Jamie’s sister Jenny (her husband Ian) and the rest of the people who live there. Of course, Jamie confesses to Jenny and Ian that Young Ian was staying with him in Edinburgh, which angers Jenny, but Jamie pacifies her and gives Young Ian an arduous task of labor as his punishment. Meanwhile, Claire feels a bit out of place as she tries to return to the living in Lallybroch (i.e. meeting everyone new at Lallybroch or reuniting with older version of people she wants knew). This also extends to Jenny, who runs Lallybroch, as she can’t quite wrap her head around why Claire, who has disappeared for twenty years, all of a sudden appears at their doorstep and with Jamie as if no time has passed. Jenny feels that Claire and Jamie are hiding the truth Claire’s story and seems that she can’t fully trust her like she wants did.

While everyone begins to adjust and everything starts to calm down, especially with Claire and Jamie relationship, there’s a sudden and surprise shake up. As Jamie is about to tell Claire and a big secret, two little girls enter their room (at night) saying “daddy”, which is then followed by Laoghaire (the young Scottish lass who we last saw back in season 2), who is in fact their mother and Jamie’s wife. Jamie actually married Laoghaire! It’s reveled (a bit later on in the episode) that after returning home from Helwater (England), Jamie felt alone and a lost soul who didn’t know warmth or laughter. That was until he met Laoghaire’s two girls at Christmas gathering and he felt joy; a feeling that he hadn’t felt in a long time. He then reunited Laoghaire, who was widowed (twice) and, hoping to find the dutifulness of a husband and father to her and her girls, decides to marry her. However, their relationship has been a rocky one and their “spark” has been somewhat diminished, with both of them living separately and haven’t shared the same bed in quite some time.

Okay, so now we’re caught up, let’s back to the episode. So, of course, Claire is distraught with anger and grief, which further deepens the romantic relationship rift, as she feels hurt that Jamie never once told her that he married Laoghaire. It is then revealed that Jenny was the one who sent word for Laoghaire to come to Lallybroch, which furthers adds salt to the fire in the current situation. After Laoghaire shoots Jamie in the arm with a pistol (and then runs off Lallybroch property), the Mackenzie’s old legal man, Ned Gowan, pays a visit to Claire and Jamie, citing that the since Claire is alive (and not dead) that Jamie’s marriage to Laoghaire is null and void. However, Laoghaire desires alimony and restitution for her plight, which is a hefty price for Jamie to pay. Although, Jamie, recounting the time when he escaped from prison (a few episodes back) and venture to a small island that believed to be the home where the “white witch” live (hoping that Claire was there). While Claire wasn’t there, he did find a small treasure chest of ancient coins and jewels, believing that this treasure could help pay Laoghaire off.

The episode ends with Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian venturing to back to the island where the treasure, with Young Ian swimming across the channel to retrieve the chest from its hiding place. While Claire and Jamie exchange words (and sort of patch things up between the two of them), a ship appears on the horizon, with a small boat of men approaching the island. Unfortunately, Claire and Jamie can’t do anything but helplessly stand there and watch as the men (who are probably pirates or smugglers) grab Young Ian (and the treasure he’s carrying) and place him on the rowboat, which begins to sail back to the ship.

Secret are revealed and a new problem is this episode. It did improve on further moving the plot along (more so than the two previous one) and presents a new angle for the rest of season to navigate through. What will happen to Young Ian? What will Claire and Jamie do? Since I read the book, I do know what happens, but I won’t spoil it for you guys. Rest assured, it’s going to be great!

8.5 Out of 10

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