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Critics w/o CredentialsNovember 16, 2017

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Synopsis: Elliot faces off with Mr. Robot; Dom gets tired of the red tape; Tyrell has a new plan. (IMDB)

Writer: Kyle Bradstreet, Sam Esmail

Director: Sam Esmail

Rating: TV-MA

Runtime: 45min

After a breathtaking one-shot episode last week, it was assumed that there would be a drop off in quality with this week, however, this episode actually managed to deliver an incredible amount of story while throwing some of the main characters into uncertain situations that seem bleak at best.

In the beginning, we are shown a flashback of Angela as she is at a party for her mom. She realizes that she is dying and has chosen to celebrate her life that she has led which is something that a young Angela cannot come to grips with. During the party, there is a peculiar exchange between Elliot’s father and Angela where he encourages her to be the extra push Elliot needs as they go forward in life to ensure that he doesn’t just live on the sidelines. This was an interesting scene for several reasons. First, it managed to show a more human side to Elliot’s father who just wants the best for his son. His conversation helped layer his already complex character because he understands the person his son is and how he will be dysfunctional in society.

Secondly, as this scene continued the scene between Angela and WhiteRose last season came to mind where WhiteRose revealed something to her that Angela couldn’t comprehend but made her a believer. It was also a poignant moment when the show never revealed Angela’s response to her mother when questioned if she will believe as her mom does. This might be a bit in the realm of the supernatural, but honestly, if it wants to go down that path, so be it. Lastly, the Back to the Future cartoon references were great. No matter what anyone might tell you in life, you can always discern life lessons from Back to the Future.

As the episode moved forward, we were treated to several smaller storylines between Tyrell Wellick’s demands for freedom post Stage 2 that did not come to fruition, Darlene’s collusion with the FBI as to where Wellick is hiding and the chess game of human life between WhiteRose and Price as Price conceded in their competition. As all these plots begin to converge on one another, Elliot was simultaneously struggling to still stop the recovery building from exploding by entering the kill command for the Stage 2, but Mr. Robot was there to thwart him at every move. I admit I have been waiting for this moment all season. It was Elliot’s “Fight Club Parking Garage” moment and it did not disappoint. However, the ending to this conflict was far more interesting.

Elliot was able to break through to Mr. Robot by revealing to him that there were, in fact, no paper copies of the records in the recovery building. All of it was a distraction orchestrated by WhiteRose in an effort to hit Price where it truly hurt, every other E Corps data building, which was his true target numbering 71 in total. This reveal was flawlessly executed as the entire episode was building to this fever pitch. While Elliot was fighting himself, Wellick realized the same thing and acted irrationally but still to The Dark Army’s orders by turning himself into the police. One could assume that this was part of the letter of instructions Irving left for Wellick. He was meant to distract by turning himself in as the focus was on just one building, but in truth, every other E Corps building was set to explode. It wasn’t until Elliot/Mr. Robot began working together that they were able to stop the New York building from exploding, however, lost sight of the Dark Army’s bigger plan.

Mr. Robot always thought he was on WhiteRose’s side, having her trust and it wasn’t until Elliot revealed that he was yet another pawn like all the rest in the larger scheme, his outlook towards the 5/9 attacks and Stage 2 changed. The possibility of Elliot/Mr. Robot now working on the same side has the potential to be very exciting moving forward. For the past two seasons, they have seemed at odds with one another so to see them potentially working together in the future opens a completely different set of possibilities in the narrative that is exciting and quite unexpected.

One can’t help but to think of the possibility of Mr. Robot/Elliot joining forces on a Dark Army/WhiteRose revenge tour that could now include the likes of both Angela and Darlene who will be more than likely looking for similar revenge. The question still remains, where does the story go from here? Both the 5/9 and Stage 2 attacks have occurred. What is left for WhiteRose to accomplish? At least on Elliot/Mr. Robot’s side we might have an idea. What is certain is that there will be a large amount of fallout and blame after these attacks and at it remains to be seen if at the center of it will be Price. Revenge is coming, but from whom we are unsure as of yet.

Nevertheless, this episode delivered a very strong follow up to last week’s groundbreaking episode and as this season reaches a close it is very clear that Mr. Robot has not shown us everything it has up its sleeves.

Score: 8/10



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