TV ReviewsHow to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Episode 9: He’s Dead Review

Keith NoakesJanuary 18, 2018

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Synopsis: As the police investigate Simon’s accidental shooting, Keating 4 deal with a new set of obstacles. Meanwhile, Annalise finds herself in an unimaginable situation as Laurel and her baby struggle to cling to life. (IMDB)

Writer: Abby Ajayi

Director: Jet Wilkinson

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

After an intense midseason finale, we still have some unanswered questions as the infamous night from the first half flashbacks was not over yet. This episode failed to answer many of those questions, however, it did a great job at setting the stage for what was to come.

The episode focused on Laurel and her ordeal at the hospital while everyone was trying to figure out what was going on. Annalise and Frank were at the hospital trying to figure out what was going on with Laurel. Meanwhile, Laurel’s mental capacity was put in question as Annalise and Frank both had to answer questions about her fitness as a mother. After seeing Laurel’s father Jorge, everything became clear.

Annalise claimed that it was Jorge who was making false claims and fabricating evidence against Laurel so he can take custody of her baby. It wasn’t until Annalise threatened the case worker, in the way that only she could, that she and Frank could see Laurel who was asleep. Annalise called Isaac for help to contest Laurel’s psych hold. Isaac was hesitant but agreed after threatening him and Jacqueline.

Michaela and Oliver were worried about what Asher may be telling the police. The three told the same story about how they caught a paranoid Simon stealing something from the office. He waved a gun around and shot himself instead of allowing himself to go to prison. They arrested Asher since he touched the gun. Tegan was suspicious of Michaela for what happened.

Knowing what they knew about Annalise, the police investigated her hotel hallway like it was a crime scene. When Laurel woke up, all she wanted was her baby but Jorge had him transferred to another hospital. Annalise made a passionate plea to stop the transfer while Laurel was acting hysterically as well. While Isaac was looking for Annalise, who was showering the blood off of her, he ran into Michaela staring into the natal ward and feeling guilty. Michaela told Isaac that Laurel stopped taking her antidepressants.

Bonnie questioned Oliver at Caplan & Gold about the hard drive with the Antares files. He told her that the hard drive was with Laurel but he didn’t know what happened afterwards. Connor came for him. Dominic did some investigating of his own at Caplan & Gold but he was mostly interested in Oliver.

The hard drive is now apparently missing and may have been taken at some point while in police custody. It’s a strong possibility that Jorge took the baby because he believed that they had the hard drive. Bonnie got Asher released from prison as she convinced them that they had no proof and their case was circumstantial at best. He also informed the others that Simon was alive which was another problem. Everyone else would rather see him dead except for Oliver who didn’t want to be like the others. He wanted them to promise not to kill Simon but they couldn’t do it.

Laurel believed that she could convince Dominic to help them since she believed that her still had feeling for her after warning her earlier. The problem with that was Frank abducted Dominic to try and get information out of him but things got out of hand, leading Frank to break his neck and kill him which Laurel thought was stupid.

After a quick scolding by Annalise, Frank found a voicemail on Dominic’s phone of Wes, as Cristoph, claiming that he was in trouble and that they could be too.

Overall, this was a good episode that dialed down the intensity from the midseason finale. It didn’t give us many answers just yet about Simon and the hard drive though it sets up an interesting showdown between the Keating 4 and Jorge for Laurel’s baby. But will the others get caught for their other misgivings before that happens? Where’s the hard drive? How is Wes still involved? Viola Davis was solid once again and it was nice to see Annalise get her groove back, especially during the final scene. There wasn’t a flashforward here so who knows what will happen next?

Score: 8.5/10

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