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Critics w/o CredentialsFebruary 17, 2018

Never has my inner middle school-aged child been so excited to review a movie that is completely centered around poop and the taboo it brings along with it.

Synopsis: Poop Talk is an open and honest look at a taboo topic in today’s society. The docu-comedy gives an inside look at all things poop — from uncensored, embarrassing moments to scientific explanations recounted by 50 experts and comedians. (levelFilm)

Starring:  Steve AgeeDr. Joel Brown, and Nicole Byer

Writer:  Aaron N. Feldman

Director:  Aaron N. Feldman

Rating: 14A (Canada)

Running Time: 75mins


From the mind of director and writer, Aaron N. Feldman, Poop Talk is a seemingly serious attempt and getting comedians and celebrities to discuss their interpretations and beliefs on the act of pooping and the mythos that surrounds the bodily act that literally everyone does. What starts out as a simple question and a genuine search for knowledge on the subject quickly careens off into various discussions that include everything from horror stories, relationship dynamics, fears and even some victories. These moments, all conveyed through a talking head-style documentary, are a perfect exercise for the comedians featured in this film as you can clearly tell they are just working through some of the very same material they use onstage in their acts.

What manifests from this discussion is a very real and plausible perspective on a subject that has proven to be incredibly taboo in our society and all credit goes to Feldman for choosing to interview comedians because while their answers are encapsulated by humor there are some poignant truths to their approaches to poop. The best example of this is most of their shared fear of going to the bathroom in public and just how traumatizing the act can be on a person. All can relate on some basic level to this emotion, but very few like to discuss or even acknowledge it and so the documentary does a great job at breaking down these walls and actually examines why it is we choose to ignore such a common occurrence that is, in fact, shared among every single person on this planet regardless of race, wealth or creed.

While it might seek an answer for why we act a certain way at its core it is still a film about poop that happens to be absolutely hilarious. Though the film’s subject matter may not be for everyone, if you aren’t laughing before the opening credits begin then that should be a good indication of whether or not you should continue. Many will find themselves laughing hysterically at some of the stories that the comedians told. This was partly because of how personal they were but mostly because of how you will surely relate to their fear on some level. One noteworthy story was that of Modern Family’s, Eric Stonestreet who proceeded to list all of the professional sports stadiums he’s attended throughout his life that he purposely did not poop in as an act of defiance.

Poop Talk is a fun watch, albeit an informative one, that allows the viewer to listen to some very interesting, intimate and hilarious stories involving poop. It can be uncomfortable at times, but what taboo topic isn’t? However, if you are able to commit to the premise you will be rewarded with one of the funniest documentaries to be released in years.

(Full Disclosure: I’m still in disbelief at how many times I got to write the word “poop” knowing it actually contributed to the review)

Score: 9/10


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