The Walking DeadTV ReviewsThe Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10: The Lost and the Plunderers Review

Keith NoakesMarch 5, 2018

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Synopsis: Groups unite their forces and converge on the Hilltop; Aaron and Enid search for allies; Simon takes matters into his own hands. (IMDB)

Writers: Angela Kang, Corey Reed, and Channing Powell

Director: David Boyd

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 44mins

With Carl gone and Alexandria in ruins, it’s onto the Hilltop where calamity is sure to follow. How will Rick and Michonne move on? How will Negan respond to his recent delivery?

The episode picks up immediately after Rick and Michonne buried Carl and Alexandria was facing a swarm on incoming walkers. The episode then shifted to Michonne’s perspective where she reminisced while getting supplies for her and Rick and putting out any remaining fires in Alexandria. It was definitely sad to see what it became as they left. The conversation then shifted to what’s next. Rick’s plan was to talk to Jadis about getting weapons. Once they arrived, the Scavengers set a trap and cut off their exit while they faced more walkers.

Now it was Negan’s perspective. He wanted to keep an eye on the Hilltop while sending Simon to test the loyalty of the Scavengers. Simon thought it was a lost cause and that they should cut their losses. Negan disagreed and was adamant that they continued saving people. Then Negan received the package from the Hilltop again with the dead Savior Maggie left inside with the message that they had more. Simon wanted to retaliate but Negan ordered him to stand down.

Now it was Enid’s perspective. She and Aaron had gone to Oceanside a long time ago it feels like ages ago. They had been captured but it was up to Cyndie to decide their fate. It looked like they were going to kill them, however, Enid tried to convince them otherwise and was successful. They let them go and were told to not come back yet Aaron couldn’t leave until Oceanside decided to fight with them. They split up.

Now it was Simon’s perspective. He gathered a crew to visit the Scavengers. He wanted an apology from them but Jadis assured him that they were following their original agreement. If they reverted to their original deal, nothing would happen to them but they needed the Scavengers’ weapons and ammunition. The Scavengers surprisingly gave them up without putting up much of a fight though it wasn’t enough so Simon kept shooting people. This made Jadis angry. Then his Saviors opened fire on them. He lied to Negan about what happened. Negan got a call from Rick.

Now it was Jadis’ perspective. Rick and Michonne were dealing with their walkers and found their way to Jadis, defeated and alone. She had lost her own world but Rick didn’t seem to care. Jadis wanted to join them, however, Rick was done with her. Rick and Michonne fought their way back to the exit while Jadis led walkers to a grinder, including her own people. It was emotional for her to say the least.

Now it was Rick’s perspective. He just wanted Jadis gone but it sort of went against what Carl said. He looked at his letter that Carl had written for him before calling Negan. Rick told him about Carl and the letter he had written for him. Carl wanted both of them to stop but he was over that. Negan wanted to know how he died and was sorry about hearing that he got bit. Negan considered Carl the future and blamed Rick for what happened. Rick had lost and he should just give up and let Negan save him but he still wanted Negan dead more than ever.

Overall, this was a decent episode despite the gimmicky multiple perspectives since that’s what the show had been doing anyway. It’s too little too late to care about the Scavengers and their increased focus here since their lack of development took away the impact from their demise in the episode. The highlight was the conversation between Rick and Negan which helped to show his softer side as he was genuinely sad about Carl’s death and about wanting to help. Unfortunately, this bright spot will probably get lost in the shuffle.

Score: 7.5/10

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