TV ReviewsHow to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Episode 14: The Day Before He Died Review

Keith NoakesMarch 9, 2018

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Synopsis: The Keating 4 gets help from Analise to devise a new plan when detectives get a break in the investigation of Simon’s shooting. Laurel learns new details about the night Wes dies leading to a shocking confrontation. (IMDB)

Writer: Joe Fazzio

Director: Scott Printz

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

You would think after the high that was last week’s epic crossover that the show would come down but with two episodes left this season, it’s time to make some headway and this episode definitely did that. The death of Wes was a major focal point during Season 3 though we never knew for sure who killed him. This was also revealed this episode and while we’ve all had our theories, this answer didn’t really come as much of a surprise.

Wes was back and this episode started with the beginning of his meeting with Sandrine from the recording. Not knowing what the meeting was about, Wes recorded it. She knew his real name. Wes wanted to tell Laurel but Sandrine wanted to pay him to stop seeing Laurel.

Meanwhile, Annalise informed the others that Simon was awake. The conversation then shifted towards what to do next. The hospital called to inform Oliver that Simon wanted to see him. Oliver was obviously worried but Simon only remembered that he may have come out to him. The police bought into the gay theory.

Against better judgement, Laurel and Frank went to confront Sandrine about the recording. Back to the meeting, Sandrine presented Wes with a cheque but Wes wasn’t sure that he wanted to go on with it yet Sandrine tried to warn him about Laurel. Laurel played back that part when confronting her mother who wanted to protect her. She claimed to not know about the voicemail Wes sent.

Connor confronted Michaela about Marcus and she had to decide what to about it. A detective interrogated Michaela about the party but she shrugged her off. This implied that Simon was remembering more. Now they had to find a way to control Simon where the first step was getting Annalise to be his lawyer, however, he already had one, Tegan. Annalise called her out on her true allegiance.

At the hospital, Annalise also visited Isaac who noticed her as she was trying to walk away. Isaac was proud of her and didn’t blame her for his relapse. It happened because he panicked and wanted to die which was the biggest difference between each of them. They let their emotions influence their relationship and now they couldn’t see each other anymore.

Wes created a drive with his recording and hid it and created the Dominic contact on his phone. Laurel kept wondering why Wes never told him about his meeting. Knowing what she knew now, she began to understand things she didn’t know during her relationship with Wes. Needing advice about Marcus, Michaela turned to Laurel though she was probably not the best person to ask. It didn’t matter since Asher figured it out on his own.

Simon remembered that Laurel was at the party so they had to convince him to not make a statement. Oliver was given a fake ID to get passed the security guard and see Simon again while Michaela tried to convince Tegan that she wasn’t the person she made herself out to be and that Jorge was a bad guy. Oliver gave Simon a phone so Annalise can convince him to become a whistleblower against Antares so he can get a green card instead of giving a statement and possibly incriminating himself. When Tegan got back to him, Simon decided to not make a statement and fired Tegan.

Bonnie was worried that her car may have been tampered with but it appeared to be fine. Later, she bribed an evidence clerk to figure out where the missing drive was and Denver had it. Meanwhile, Laurel blackmailed Denver in exchange for who killed Wes.

Now for a few things going on at the same time. Laurel confronted her mother with this new information. Frank apologized to Annalise for keeping information about Laurel from her but Annalise no longer had the energy to be mad at Frank anymore. Bonnie tried to call Annalise with the news, however, Denver thought something should be done about her. Wes called Sandrine after he left a voicemail on Dominic’s phone to tell her that he was going to the police. Sandrine then warned Jorge that Wes was going to the police. Laurel was definitely angry.

Annalise finally got Bonnie’s message but after she heard it, Nate warned her that Bonnie had a car accident so maybe her car was tampered with after all.

Overall, this was an excellent episode that still managed to ramp up the intensity after last week’s intense, but for different reasons, crossover episode. Although they were obviously going to get out of it, dealing with Simon was still intense to watch. It was also nice to see Tegan involved since she has been a great character. Michaela and Asher are probably over. The truth about Wes’ death wasn’t much of a surprise though the extent of Sandrine’s involvement kind of was and that last scene between her and Laurel was intense. Bonnie’s fate could go either way in that it’ll bring down her or Denver. The finale will be exciting.

Score: 9.5/10

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